Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dowd's Disclosure of Disillusionment

The George W. Bush Presidency is turning out to be the worst Administration the United States has ever had, as far as its experience with its Presidents go; and the genius who put him there and then get him to stay for another term, Mr. Matthew Dowd, views his former boss' governance with anguish and contempt.

How very convenient.

An article written by Los Angeles Times staffer Mark Barabak describes Dowd as tentatively disillusioned at first, but has grown more forceful since January. Hah! What a laugh! This political butterfly switched parties at a time when Republicans were almost certain of taking the white House. He was part of the inner circle of President Bush; shaping and promoting this Administration's policies. Only now he says he's disillusioned, while those that lost their life's savings in Enron, the misery that engulfed the Middle East peoples, and even fellow Americans in Louisiana and New Orleans after Katrina, plus the soldiers mangled and maimed in Iraq are suffering; while he smokes his expensive cigars in his 18-acre ranch in Texas. There are ethical questions of loyalty he has to deal with, but I guess the only thing he is loyal to is himself and his profits.

Here's my take on this Dowd: Being called America's foremost political strategist is something he loves to bask in. His disclosures are a way of washing his hands from the forthcoming Republican debacle. He is sounding out his availability to potential candidates to get back on track as a great political tactician; perhaps even updating the methods used in Florida against Al Gore. He can earn from magazine articles and books that he may write, plus a series of lectures on the subject.

Mr. Dowd is re-marketing himself by pointing to a defective product he sold to the American people twice-as a dysfunctional clown he was not made aware of. How can he miss it when former Treasury Secretary Paul O' Neill was quoted in a book saying that during Cabinet meetings, the President was like "...a blind man in a roomful of deaf people..."

Does America have reason to re-accept Matthew Dowd? I seriously Doubt (Dowd) it. If the recycling of Mr. Dowd by Mr. Dowd is received well by its citizens, what can I say? Duh wd!



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