Sunday, September 28, 2008

China's "Containted" Cows

A non-objective view of China may readily conclude that Communism as a system of government does not satisfy anyone in the country, not even its cows. The failure to produce "contented cows" that would enhance its dairy industry has produced only "containted" cows - those that possess melamine whose milk would poison the human body and eventually kill consumers with prolonged, continuous use. But the problem here is that any calamity in China would always be measured in gigantic proportions because of the sheer volume of its 1.3 billion people who would eventually bear the brunt of its disastrous effects. The blame is not on the four legged mammals that support the people, but on the two-legged monsters who breed on chicancery and whose castration would be the most humane punishment for their misdeed. These are the Chinese COWS - Corporate Operators Without Souls.

These are Chinese businessmen tainted by greed and subterfuge, who would lace their products with poisonous chemicals to project high protein content for their insidious output. It's bad enough that this tainted milk was sold to producers of candies, biscuits, buns and chocolate - but to put in on infant milk is the most thoughtless and sinister act of all. Children and infants need to take several glasses or bottles of milk daily where the resulting effect is deadly for their young bodies. The awesome panic and fear it has brought to parents who are compelled to follow a one-child policy is immeasurable, and the cruel and inhuman blow it has dealt to at least 54,000 households is beyond criminal.

Furthermore, the tainted product was sold worldwide where its lower price would naturally attract the less fortunate and underprivileged citizens of those countries, adding more misery to the already deplorable condition of their existence. Global reaction has been swift, with countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americans removing the milk and allied products from China that contain milk from the shelves. This calamity has placed China's ability to monitor and regulate its food industries in serious doubt, and rightly so. Contamination of toothpaste, seafood and even pet food resulting in death to a considerable number of animals in the US have transpired in recent years up to last year. This no longer appears accidental, but a deliberate and manipulative attempt to gain advantage at the expense of the ultimate consumer, in China and the rest of the world.

China's grand march to the level of the elite countries of the world has been stymied by the pea brained actions of some of its officials and favored citizen-businessmen. All the efforts and sacrifice of its brilliantly industrious and wholesomely generous citizens will be ruined by these men without souls who cannot be expected to burn in hell. Unfortunately for China, it had wanted to follow up its successful hosting of the Olympics with its scheduled space walk that would set it apart from, and ahead of, other emerging powers. But even the glory of its Olympic preparation was somehow diminished by protests linked to Tibet, and nearly overshadowed by the massive earthquake that ripped the country. The manned space flight and momentous space walk had also been reduced in stature because of the tainted milk caper. A disappointment for the people who took part, and for those who loved to see their country's astonishing development.

China's space ventures could project its capabilities in advanced technologies, achieving what no other Chinese government has ever done - which may legitimize their regime in the eyes of its population. There is also the military component which shows their capability to launch several warheads on a single rocket, and the precision capabilities which could be used for commercial purposes. Diplomacy too could be greatly improved as it signals China's entry into the powerful elite nations club. But its human tragedies have to find closure. The earthquake initiated investigations on the total collapse of school buildings as against other structures, that killed more children than adults. Now, milk that affects children.

China can project all its wealth in terms of having the largest capital reserves, its enviable economic growth, and its arrival on the elite club through space exploration; but it cannot rest easy for as long as it is haunted by skeletons of mistreatment and/or neglect of its people, and the protection of the clandestine criminals lurking within its corridors of power. They will not get the respect they deserve for their accomplishments, but the sneer of disdain when their backs are turned. And as always, their people will end up the losers as their efforts will be for naught in the perception of the international community.



The Fitness Diva said...

The proliferation of these tainted Chinese products is really getting out of hand! I mean, when you think about it, China really could purposely poison and eradicate most of the world outside it, given how many countries do depend on their goods. This is serious!!
Why aren't more stringent controls being put in place to monitor this?
I can go and point to about 200 products in my house right now, all "made in China", and have been using these things for years.
With the high rate of cancer among Americans, one now really has to wonder.... has that been part of the problem all along? Scary and damned creepy!

I now will begin to shun the Made in China label. If they're willing to poison their own children just to make a buck (the manufacturing companies) then, why believe that they would even give a second thought to doing even worse to us?

I'm thinking this is a good time to bring back the "made in America" campaign, at least in this country.
Hopefully someone else out there picks up on that and puts it in motion. Hell, we could use the jobs over here! ;)

Kim said...

thanks for posting this Durano..
it's certainly terrifying to think that so many have been exposed to this life threatening product..
I for one will be buying made in Australia products from now on....

jena isle said...

I agree with diva, this is a serious global problem which should be attended to.

Who would ever think milk would become a tainted product? the users are children, for Christ's sake.

But people sometimes come up with something unimaginable.

Thanks for sharing your profound thoughts on this.

Here's hoping that the government will step in and do something. (any government, for that matter).


Tapline said...

Brad, Great post... first lead paint on kids toys now milk for kids and placed also in candy and other products by unsuspecting companies....stay well

Anonymous said...


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Zhu said...

These are the Chinese COWS - Corporate Operators Without Souls.

Love that!

But let's remember there are COWS in every country. The Chinese tainted milk scandal is pretty bad but France had the tainted blood scandal, Canada just experienced a big scare with listeria- contaminated products etc.

It's not just China that needs tougher regulations...

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

This issue on the milk is really serious and scary, but I think that we should not assume that the entire Chinese nation, everyone in government and in its industries, are involved in this deliberate lacing of the milk with melamine. To be sure, the people who did this are most likely at the lower echelons, who are not technically equipped to evaluate that melamine is poisonous - thinking only that it's nitrogen content, which could release protein during product tests, is edible.

These are the local consolidators who are pressured to increase production at the farm level, but the farmers who are pressured to sell at low rates cannot properly provide food for the cows, thus failing to fill the demand. In addition, China's dairy industry has increased by 30% over the last 3-5 years which explains supply shortfalls. The consolidators added 30% water to the milk to increase volume, but which diluted the nutrients - thus, melamine was added.

No one can fault you for preferring products you feel are safer. But for the same products to be made in the US, it would be difficult. 80% of consumer goods in America are imported. The US has all but given up on manufacturing as it is cheaper to import, and cost of Labor in the US is uncompetitive.

Remember too that up to now, a lot of denials are made regarding the red coloring in Hotdogs which causes cancer and whose sales are focused on Children and teens.

Anyway, it's better to be aware and to take precautions. I am incensed by the Chinese milk scandal too as you are, but its people are the most pitiful of the lot. They have suffered much and must now face the humiliation of their countrymen's misdeed all over the world. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Kim,

This had been brewing since December of 2007, and as early as February 2008, some parents have been complaining of the change in color of their child's poop after drinking the tainted milk.

The New Zealand partner of Sanlu was the one who brought this to the attention of the local authorities in China - but were rewarded with threats of closure and/or banning by these local Chinese fools. The company then brought it to the New Zealand Prime Minister who expressed it to the higher authorities in China. Action was swift from the top Officials in the country - to their credit - and stoppages and arrests were made. This was followed by announcements and recall, and the expansion of hospital operations to accommodate infected or affected children.

As far as I know, Australian milk tastes better, safer, and is more nutritious.For my part, I've never purchased anything made in China that is supposed to be eaten. Pirated DVD's and other electronic gadgets, yes, I have them. LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Jenaisle,

China's control of its food industries is one of its weakest areas. The farms are on the far areas of their territory and local expertise is not readily on hand to provide improvement technology and health and sanitation standards development.

Here is an opportunity for our local talents to take a crack at. The problem is, the local officials could be such bullies who would feel threatened by the developmental talents of technicians - and who would cover up their own corrupt practices.

The people are the government, and they should use their servants to work these things out. Isn't the concept great on paper? In reality, these servants of the people have and use all the power to scare their masters into submission. If all the people will unite as a single force, it can be done. But if you refer to politicians doing something about it....I'd drink water instead. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Tapline,

Yes, and also the pet food that killed a good number of dogs in Europe and the US!

The problem is in the system of government, in the method of
monitoring, in the process of determining accountability, and in the delay in which problems could be prevented because of the inherent cover up to make the lower echelon personnel look good.

There is a short sightedness in solving problems - in this case supply problems - and the technically ill-equipped local consolidators solved it by diluting the farmer's produce, then add a chemical to reflect high nutrition content. It solved the supply issue and made them look good by improving output; but it created a worse problem more serious than the first. And, after enjoying the rewards for their output improvement, they cover up the emerging impact of the problem which made it worse.

In short, it is stupidity on top of ignorance. A very deadly combination. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the visit. I'll visit your blog after I've made my planned routing today. If I don't get to visit today, I'll certainly make it a point to visit you by Saturday. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Zhu,

I certainly agree with you Zhu. There are COWS in every country who prey on those who do not have the privilege of being heard nor taken seriously; as well as those who dupe their own marginalized countrymen whether these are men, women, or children, only because they are unaware and uninformed.

What about the cancer causing or hypertension causing stress brought about by the mortgage crisis and the lack of tougher regulations on the machinations of Wall Street and shrewd banks? Or the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that brought unmitigated killings in that country?

Even simpler are the nitrates they add on food, especially processed cold cuts which cause brain damage and cancer - sold to kids and eaten by adults of all ages? COWS thrive where greed and deceit reign. The people are always the victims. :-) --Durano, done!