Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama Overwhelms Opposition

Barack Obama continues to eat away at the stronghold bases of major Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, as he storms into the heartland of America for his 9th consecutive primary victory after the deadlocked Super Tuesday voting. Hawaii, where Obama was born and where relatives still reside, could favor him with his 10th consecutive victory, which would allow him the opportunity to generate more financial support to strengthen his unstoppable bandwagon. Barack Obama has seized the momentum from Hillary and is now the Democratic Party's undisputed front runner.

Republican John McCain has picked up two more victories in Washington and Wisconsin to inch closer to the GOP nomination and moved farther from his only surviving rival Mike Huckabee. McCain has been focusing his attacks during campaign speeches on Barack Obama whom he criticizes as deceiving Americans through eloquent but empty calls for change. Huckabee, vowed to continue with his campaign that runs not on his ego but on his convictions, according to him.

Hillary Clinton has apparently staked her campaign on wins in Ohio and Texas. This puts her in an untenable position should she lose. Should Barack Obama rally the women, elderly, and Hispanic voters to his side and win, it would definitely be the end of the trail for Hillary. Even if Hillary edges out Obama, a close victory would still cast doubts on her ability to consolidate her base and could be depleted further going into the democratic convention. Thus, March 4 will be Hillary's last strong stand against Obama's onslaughts into her once secured candidacy. Fittingly, it will be in Texas where the Alamo once stood and fell.

In the GOP race, It's certainly John McCain. All party members know that Mike Huckabee's campaign is dead, except Huckabee himself. It's running on pure spirit, no flesh. If he is hoping for a miracle, it will probably be in the form of lightning directed at McCain. For the Democrats, March 4 is crucial for Barack to almost seal the nomination, and for Hillary to claw back. But the complicated nomination process they have could leave the selection to the Super Delegates. Even if Obama wins Texas, neither of them will have enough delegates to get the magic number of 2,025. The outcome of the Super Delegate votes could be payback for favors and friendships which Barack has had little time to build on. Unless the Super Delegates are awed by the strong clamor for them to select the choice of the party base's majority, Hillary will be nominated and split the party anew. And John McCain will be President of the United States by January, 2009.



The Fitness Diva said...

The whole Super Delegates angle is just politics at it's most typical. Here, after all the people have voted, let's just nix that...the super delegates get to put their own favorite in the box. If it all boils down to just that, then why did we go to the polls in the first place?
And based on that, yes, it's going to be Hillary, which to me means that John McCain is going to be the next president. Hil just has too many people disliking her, and also not being able to swing the majority vote of her own party will not bode well for her in the upcoming election. The country has spoken!

Debbie said...

Never thought I would pull for Hillary, but that's what I've been doing. She's going down big though.

Then we are stuck with Obama vs. McCain. I'm afraid Obama will whip McCain bad, unless people wake up and see there is nothing THERE, just a mirage.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Tapline said...

I don't get this whole superdelegates thing. after reading how much money these delegates are receiving I guess my first thought was correct. How much does it cost to buy the office.....stay well...

Tapline said...

I don't get this whole superdelegates thing. after reading how much money these delegates are receiving I guess my first thought was correct. How much does it cost to buy the office.....stay well...

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

These are the party rules, and I agree that it defeats the whole purpose of the democratic process - considering that they refer to themselves as democrats. This is a politburo system. :-)

It is important for the democrat base to have their voices heard and heard loud; otherwise, the party will go its usual way, to each his/her own. --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Debbie,

I never thought you would too, considering what i read in your awesome posts!

I guess you're perspective of Hillary as a bit more conservative than Obama or McCain caused the swing. I wouldn't want to venture into the gender arena with you. :-)

You really think Obama will whip McCain? I view America as still largely conservative and that could augur well for McCain, his positions notwithstanding. Unless Obama can rally more of the young, educated working people, the college kids, and independents; he will have difficulty winning across a general election. McCain's age and flip flopping could also deter him from winning.

It's going to be an interesting race, and I just wish the primaries would be over. The rhetorics, empty ones and half baked ones, are beginning to bore me. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Tap,

In a hurry? You clicked twice! :-)

Tap, the office is always bought or borrowed at tremendous interest. That's why the winner has difficulty refusing requests when payback time comes.

Campaign reform is therefore important so as not to tie the candidates to commitments just to win, commitments that will be paid for by the American people - with their sweat or with their blood! --Durano, done!