Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama's Outrageous Outfit

Barack Obama's choice of clothing has stirred a hornet's nest, and the sting is mightier than the cloth. After release of the photo showing the Illinois Senator in normal Somali nomadic attire, a deluge of insinuations, unfounded fears, anger, and ribbing have been woven around the image; more than enough to cover him thrice over. Obama wasn't invited to the Oscars where he would have allegedly worn this garb; nor is it a prelude to his attire when he accepts the Democratic nomination. Or worse, to use it for his Inauguration should he win the Presidency.He was simply being fitted for travel to a place in Kenya where the majority are ethnic Somalis.

He only wanted to be identified with those he would visit, as if to say "Look here, I'm one of you, I've walked many miles through many storms; and now, I'm going all the way to the White House". In response, the Somali Kenyans would raise their jugs of Senator Keg Lager and cheer "Obama!, Obama! Rah, Rah, Rah! He changed into the outfit to make him credible to his expected audience and to be true to his word: "Change You Can Believe"!

Accusations have been hurled at the malice with which the photo was released with fingers pointing to the Clinton Camp. Doubts have been raised if this would affect Obama's lead in 3 National Polls over Hillary ( 50% to 40% with 10% undecided), the prospect of being more electable than Clinton (70% to 30%), and in winning against McCain where Obama leads 49% to 42%.

It's unlikely that he will don this during the campaign because "The Past versus The Future" mantra would suggest wasteful consumption of cloth for the next generation. The image shows a fashion statement that would invite millions of adherents....in Kenya. The response he would get in America would be..."Can ya please get real?" If the image is used as a poster with the tag "Change You Can Believe", he will have to promote the idea and demonstrate its functionality when performing man's biological needs. Perhaps Oprah can give him some airtime for it.

So calm down America, it's only cloth and it doesn't change the man within - turban and all. It's just saying he's all wrapped up in himself and ready to take that long walk to save America (from itself?), towards a future (a dark one - no pun intended), around an agenda of change (How? With all this cloth? Where's the dressing room?).



Reward Rebel said...

If he's elected to the White House, it would be an absolute hoot if he wore his new threads when he's sworn in;-D

upyours said...

These days, the only running you can do in America while garbed in anything but a suit is "running for your life". How dare you, Barack??!!! Funny how symbols can be manipulated for maximum effect, ad nauseam.
It's really no different from wearing those ridiculous Hawaiian shirts or guayaberas whenever foreigners congregate in various locales. Nobody objects to seeing Prince Charles wearing a kilt.
Really, is there anything worse than seeing George Dubya in the news dancing to some ethnic beat while in a foreign country? As George Carlin says, "Be lame, be white but get the f**k off the dance floor.
Stay well Durano.

Kim said...

well I find the outfit quite appealing Durano....
I think he would have made quite a fashion statement at the Oscars too ....:)
isn't there a quote that says...clothes maketh the man....in this case it could be said ...clothes maketh the culture :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Reward Rebel,

If he wears that to the White House, America might experience its first Coup d' etat. I don't think the US military would let that pass.

I still cannot understand all the fuss. So what if he wears it? So what if he's Muslim? America needs to fully understand the Democratic principles and ideals it imposes on other nations. It should distill its true meaning and interpretation and educate its own citizens.

Many understand their rights as theirs alone, not for others. Thanks for dropping by. --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Upyours,

I still can't get used to writing this username you have.

There just isn't anything his opponents or rivals can do to wreck the momentum he has created. He is young and somewhat frail looking, and any attack made by Hillary or McCain could easily be viewed as bullying a very nice, decent, African American.

These oldies can't win. As far as I'm concerned he can wear a bikini for all I care and he could still defeat them. He is so believable when he explains his positions, even if these are merely rhetorics.
But there lies the problem with him too, words can only take him so far. If it takes him to the presidency, then we will see what stuff he is truly made of. If he makes it. --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Kim,

Well the outfit does look good on him. It's really a cool attire and I've tried one myself; i just couldn't function effectively with it in terms of biological activities that I just pulled it all up like a woman does. :-)

Then there's all that cloth covering my face and I couldn't see anything below 180 degrees. It was a funny and stupid situation for me. :-)
But that was several years ago.

He would have won Best Costume Design if he attended the Oscars, :-) then he would have been pelted with tomatoes if he attempted to walk the streets of any conservative state in that attire.

America's own citizens have a loose grasp of what democracy is all about, and the freedoms that go with it. Intolerance - as I keep saying.

Have a restful (the Arm) day. Get a shoulder massage. Thanks for the visit. --Durano, done!

Kim said...

you have painted a very funny picture here Durano....
makes one wonder what the Greek men do with their caftans :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Kim,

In those ancient days of the Greeks, their kaftans could barely hide their passions that seem to rise with every opportunity that comes along.

History reveals that intimate activities with male and female were natural for the Greeks, especially among those who were close acquaintances. This is why Greek men were referred to as "those who constantly enlarge the circle of their friends". :-) Aaarrrrrgh! --Durano, done!