Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Argument Against the Almighty

The extent to which politicians will go to pursue their mindless machinations of madness is beyond any limits imaginable, in a world where lunacy seems to be the rule and sanity is a victim of roadkill. In what is seen as a frivolous lawsuit to prove a point that anybody can file a case against anyone, including God; a case was filed against the Almighty by Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers (Ind.), seeking a permanent injunction to cease certain harmful activities and making terroristic threats.

The lawsuit adds that God goes by several aliases and recognizes the fact that He is omnipresent. Chambers also argues that he has attempted to contact God to reveal himself several times, to no avail. The lawsuit asks the Douglas County Court to recognize the peculiar nature of the case and waive personal service, because being also omniscient, God is already aware of the case and further argues that his omnipresence makes Him present everywhere, even in the courtroom.

Ernie Chambers has been a State Senator for 38 years, and would have won reelection had he not been barred by a constitutional prohibition enacted in the Nebraska Legislature in 2000, providing two 4 year term limits for public office. He believes that the Legislature had to change the state constitution to get rid of him. Chambers is considered one of the Legislature's most passionate, controversial, and colorful members, frequently using rules and filibusters to block proposals, inviting friction with colleagues. He opposed the death penalty and introduced a bill to repeal it, but it failed to override the Governor's veto. He remains well respected by past and present politicians in Nebraska, who recognize his intimate knowledge of legislative rules, persuasive skills as an orator, and his attire of t-shirts and denim pants even during sessions in the state senate.

The lawsuit he brought up against God is full of assertions that would not be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Besides, even God cannot testify against Himself, nor aid and guide the testimony of those who witness against Him even if they swear unto His book "so help me God". And as the court itself, as well as other institutions and instruments used in the US, have signs that proclaim "In God We Trust", wouldn't this be enough to force an acquittal? For if trust in God is denied, the social impact of not having faith in a Supreme Being will definitely be catastrophic for all the relationships, (personal, professional or political) of mankind. And who will be called upon to serve as the Jury of His peers? The biggest problem is, if God is guilty, what sort of punishment could be meted and how will it be enforced? Withdrawal of belief is possible, but who should mankind have faith in, Satan?

After 38 years as a State Senator, Ernie Chambers must have allowed success to go over his head, has become messianic, or has delusions of being equal with God. Being a law graduate although not a member of the bar, he is argumentative and forceful, but even a frivolous case filed for its own sake would have limits, yet this seems to have escaped him. Judge Marion Polk rightfully threw the case out since notice to the defendant could not be served - no known address. However, Ernie Chambers is preparing to file an appeal. Apparently, he is still basking in the glory of being known as "The Maverick of Omaha".

Does this somehow remind voters of another politician who prides himself as a "Maverick"? Heaven help the world..... that is, if God has not been convicted and sentenced yet.



Kim said...

goodness Durano...what an extraordinary story!!
I wonder what God would think about all of this ...
I couldn't help noticing the fan "halo" behind Ernie's head in one of the photos...
obviously shot by a very perceptive photographer :D

Anonymous said...

This explains why America is in such a terrible mess, doesn't it? When supposed responsible citizens waste taxpayers money on frivolous lawsuits merely to prove a point, at a time when more serious problems are facing the nation. Politicians should be erased from this earth.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Kim,

That fan behind the Senator is often mistaken for a halo. You're very perceptive - a true artist.

If I were in God's shoes...err sandals... or whatever it is He's wearing, I wouldn't bother with these people. There are so many other important things to think about than spend time indulging the fantasies of those who want to sensationalize themselves no matter at whose expense.

Thanks for dropping by. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi anonymous,

I agree with your last sentence 100%.

This is a lesson to all those who elect officials into office. By selecting those whose primary purpose is to boost their ego or make themselves controversial, they lose twice: the wasted tax dollars on such shenanigans, and the loss of valued legislation from the more responsible candidate who was not elected. :-) --Durano, done!

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