Monday, April 7, 2008

Protest Pours into Paris


The Olympic Flame fades in France. Hundreds of protesters attempted to storm the torch bearers despite being encircled by several hundred Police Officers, some in riot police vehicles and motorcycles, others in rollerblades and on foot. The flame had to be extinguished four times and loaded on a bus to avoid protesters and continue the relay route.The Olympic Flame itself, lit from Olympia in Greece and used to light the torch continued to burn in a small lantern inside the bus.

The relay has resumed but confrontations between demonstrators and police continue. Violence has also broken out in some areas between pro-Tibetan and pro-China demonstrators. International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge expressed serious concern and asked for a rapid peaceful resolution of the Tibetan issue.

There is apprehension that the protests will become more rowdy if not more violent as it continues its trail into the Americas in the next leg. Protest actions are currently being organized in San Francisco which could provide a massive crowd with all the potentials of erupting into violence.

This standoff is souring the Spirit of the Games and eroding the unity that the Olympics is meant to forge. Olympic protests have been part of the spectacle of these events since 1908, with retaliatory measures taken by powerful countries that influence a good number of other nations to boycott the event. Yet the political agenda takes center stage again.

It's as if maturity is so elusive that these childish and senseless power plays continue to dominate and trample the harmony that is the objective of the Olympics. One hundred years since the first protest and men have not learned anything; more so at a global sporting event where lessons could be learned a thousandfold.

It's difficult to understand why leaders who have the intelligence and facility for speaking cannot find it in themselves to open up to a dialogue; why fighting and killing is the preferred choice; and why lies, cover-up and subterfuge are the preferred methods. How can a country host the nobility of fair play and equality among men within the bounds of honorable participation, when it so blatantly violates the rightful aspiration of a people for self-rule by sheer domination and force? There is neither fairness nor honor in that.

The Olympic flame, housed in a lantern, remains sputtering inside the bus; like the spirit and values it represents. If these political lunacies are not resolved, perhaps it should be extinguished for good!



Zhu said...

This is pissing me off like you have no idea. How about cleaning our own backyard before we blame other country for their "dictatorship" and bad behavior??

Give China a break!

Just my humble opinion ;)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...
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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Zhu,

I know exactly where you're coming from. The situation is wracking nerves on both sides of the fence. One hundred years since the first protest and nothing has been learned or changed.

A lot of countries, small and powerful ones, have their own skeletons and dirty or bloodied linen and yet have the gall to scream at others - like the pot calling the kettle black. There is one difference, these other countries are not hosting an international event that is about fair play and harmony.

I'll grant that they hosted the Olympics too while their own messy backyards reeked of injustice, but shouldn't this sort of thing come to an end?

I'm sorry that it is China this year, but all I'm proposing is to talk, at least schedule one, open up a window - rather than stonewall the dissent.

Tracing back to History, the USA through the CIA, supported the rebellion of the Tibetans in the late 1950's because of their paranoia with communism. I have a strong feeling that part of this whole affair is being funded by the US and other Western states.

Why? because they owe China so much and are afraid of its economic dominance and military capability; and would want to negotiate for concessions in return for the "favor" of brokering peace and provide a "face saving" gesture. Once you see Condoleezza Rice come into the picture, that is it!

I am currently preparing a post, when research is completed, on the end of the "White Man Era and the Collapse of the American Empire". I think American policy makers are aware of their decline together with other Western powers. They would do everything to stave off the worst, but cannot reverse the trend.

China is an ancient country and a great one. It can be a greater nation and the most powerful one as long as it avoids the arrogance, smugness, and condescending characteristics of the "White Nations" of old. Russia may also re-emerge as a world power, together with two Arab countries.

So Zhu, don't get pissed off, but be vigilant. The protest is not against China nor the hardworking Chinese people who deserve all the glory of the Olympics for their enduring commitment and sacrifice. It's about the attitude of the leaders - and the power play of the west behind the scenes. Stay cool, and give my regards to your man - I know he's Chinese. :-)--Durano, done!

April 8, 2008 7:44 AM

SheR. said...

Hey Hey Durano. First time I'm reading the news in full. Been watching it in Croatian (which I can barely understand) for the past few weeks.
I do understand the reason behind all the protests. But recall what happened on a certain June 4th? All right let's not go there.
I'm sharing part of my genes with those people still leading China today. Sometimes I am totally ashamed of that part of my roots. But hey, whatever I've inherited has nothing to do with what happened over there now?!
We've been witnessing all these suppression coming from this great nation for a long time. Tibet, Taiwan..
What can I do? Protests don't work on China. Maybe this time. But I'm not sure.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

It's a mess actually and the protests seem to be mounting. It is sad that the Olympics are being used for political issues again. The athletes who dedicated themselves will be the ones who'll suffer.

The protests made sure that they are understood not to be against the Olympics nor the Chinese people; but only its leaders who are denying the human rights of their constituents.

I hope there are no boycotts and that a dialogue between China's representatives and the Dalai Lama take place soon, so as not to do any further damage to this storied event.

Regards to you and your fiance(?). How's Croatian cooking by the way. Tell me about it. :-)--Durano, done!

The Fitness Diva said...

Still diligently studying my Mandarin! Will make sure that I am useful to our soon to be new world leaders, yes! No diva left behind! I'm joking....and still studying, too. ;)

Veeerrry interesting and true, Durano, the soon to be end of complete white domination of the world. I'll be very interested to read that post when you're done with all your research.

The seeds that have been sown by the callousness and greed of Europe and America will eventually grow into weeds that will choke them both. It will be interesting to see what side China falls on regarding Israel and the Middle East when it finally does reach the pinnacle of it's power. Do tell! (I need to read up on that...I really don't know what the present climate between them is)

I was watching a documentary earlier today about how Palestinian families and individuals are persecuted and pushed off their home and farmlands, and it made me sick and upset. I mean, that's not new knowledge for me, but makes me sick and upset.
It's once again the preferences, benefits and gains of whites vs the indigenous peoples, winner take all.
I continue to be amazed at how in this day and age, nations, China included, feel that it's okay to engage in that type of behavior.
Right now also Africans in Namibia are fighting to get their old farmland back from transplanted Germans. A population of just over 2 million, the majority are native, yet of the minority whites (less than 100,000)4000 German farmers own half the arable farmland. The great news is, the black Namibians are giving these farmers hell. The Germans now have to figure out how to redistribute the land. And they should.
What makes governments feel they have the right to just step in and displace people and take what's been theirs for centuries?
I know that's been the way since the beginning of time, but aren't we supposed to be more 'civilized' now?
It's still unfathomable to me that nations are able to justify this pillaging in these modern times, and then just go on with it, business as usual.

There needs to be some balance here.

Ah, well...what can I do, huh?

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