Thursday, June 5, 2008

Preparations for a Presidential Prophecy

Hollywood has long ago fantasized about a black President, but more often than not, these were formulated to provide a comedic element that paints the position holder as a laughable character with no substance nor depth to make decisions affecting global events and development. Sammy Davis Jr. played a 9 year old President in a 1933 film, followed four decades later by Richard Pryor on television. Both productions featured black Presidents who will do America little, if any good, save for several rounds of laughter.

James Earl Jones became President in a 1972 movie The Man, who assumed the Presidency because those above him in the line of succession perished. Based on a 1963 Irving Wallace novel, the movie does not present much on international politics, diplomacy, or anything earth shaking but rather on incompetence. This does not actually speak well of the Black President. In 2003, Chris Rock played a rap talking President in Head of State, who gives a ridiculous debate statement to an equally dumb crowd that laps up his harangue. And he wins. This shows that only those who have no sense at all will vote for a black President, and there are many. The film does not speak well of the Black President either.

But in 1998, the film Deep Impact showed Morgan Freeman to be a decisive and compassionate President who rallies the people of the world threatened by asteroids crashing to the earth. It was an admirable portrayal of a Black President who did what was necessary and appropriate in a time of serious crisis. Ironically, American survivors were taken in by Mexico at the border in an expression of solidarity and empathy with co-members of the human race. If the wall had been erected at the time, those survivors would have drowned like rats trapped in a flooded sewer.

The most remarkable portrayal of a black President is Dennis Haysbert's very accomplished character in the TV series "24". Parallelisms are evident with Barack Obama's own political history. Both were Senators prior to launching their bids, good looking and can tackle the job decisively on their very first day in office, are faced with terrorism that threatens the country, and both have intelligent spouses who have independent minds and strong personalities. Haysbert's color is never an issue, just as Obama deflects race as a factor. As American voters prepare to evaluate the possibility of having their first minority President, and an African American at that, could this have been a prophecy by Hollywood's more progressive minded writers and producers? Or, could this have been based on a long term strategic plan to position a particular politician for this moment and to prepare the American electorate for his acceptance?

In the TV series, Haysbert's brother assumes the Presidency and the former President
is assassinated after his term ends. Could this be a reference to the Kennedy brothers and their support for civil rights, seeing its incarnation in African American siblings as America's new royalty, but succeeding where the Kennedys failed? The message of hope expressed by the Kennedy brothers, later on echoed by Bill Clinton referred to sometime ago as America's first Black President, and now by Barack Obama, may be the fulfillment of a dream, or a prophecy, or a strategic orchestration to condition the minds of voters that America is indeed ripe for a true Black President.

It could also be the planned implementation of a dream, to fulfill the prophecy. Or, it may be the personal ambition of one who wants to make history, together with backers who pull the strings. This is all an imagined scenario and purely speculative, but the choices for President in November leave only the produced prophecy as a viable alternative to the disgraceful impact of the incumbent.


Reference:Lola Ogunnaike, Black Presidents Nothing New
to Hollywood


SheR. said...

I think the act of saying "Let's forget about his skin colour and vote for him cos he's good!" is contradictory. When we start to think or ponder for a moment about his race, we are doubting if this man can be the suitable candidate. However,I understand that most of the people like him because he's different, non?

Whoever comes up to take the seat off the monkey Bush is gladly welcomed. That's my two cents worth of crazy thoughts! :P

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

His being black will always be in the back of the minds of the American voters, even if those voting for him are white, brown, yellow, or Latinos.

My point is to emphasize the fact that a black president has often been a doubtful fact because of the prevailing, if submerged racism. The portrayals point this out. But there may have been some people who always believed this could happen at this time and sought to portray that dream or prophecy via a film and a TV series. Obama just happened to fit the bill, accidentally.

Or, it may have been a well thought out plan to build the character around his background to project his image and likeness that people can accept and identify with.

Whichever way it was formulated, it is designed to promote the idea that America is ripe for a black president and they are capable.

However, I agree that whoever replaces Bush is a welcome change, but hopefully, not a manufactured one nor a concealed twin of the incumbent. :-) --Durano, done!

horatio salt said...

...and his VP should be Tiger Woods! Smart, high profile, a better smile even than Obama's...


I think William Jefferson Clinto would defer. I think he would remind the world that he was the first 'Black' President.

Thanks for stopping by Nigerian Curiosity and leaving a comment/suggestion. Much appreciated.

Tommy said...

Race will always be an issue because everyone makes it one. Even the "liberal bias in the media" tend to focus on such things. Make no mistake, this will be an awfully difficult track for Barack...I concur however, he is the right choice. As you allude to in your last comment piece regarding racism, it does cross color lines. Being a White man I have a difficult time acknowledging other races racism and somehow using that to an advantage....Seems equally wrong I guess. Perhaps I'm way too Pollyanna.....I don't know...but racism in any form to me remains disgusting (irregardless to who is practicing it and whatever they claim to be their rationale for doing it). Peace.......T

Tapline said...

Brad, He doesn't have a chance. Much will come to light that at this time isn't known about this individual......He's an empty suit and as the race continues he will be shown as such........stay well....

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Horatio,

You certainly know how to pick them. Tiger Woods has a better smile, but he can also be temperamental, just like Obama.

But its funny, and yet it's not. He has the money, the charisma, and the name recall. How will he be called, Vice President Tiger?

How about pairing Condi with McCain? :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Solomonsydelle,

Bill Clinton was very close to the black community and he strongly supported civil rights.

However, during this campaign, he somehow damaged that distinction by raising the race card himself. It's unfortunate that his legacy was marred by the desire to take his wife to the White House. Perhaps he should turn to statesmanship to resuscitate his image and steer clear of American partisan politics.

It's my pleasure to visit your site and feel the energy of those who earnestly want to build their country on the foundations of democracy. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Tommy,

I agree with you completely. Racism is disgusting, and I must admit that growing up, my own family had this to a certain degree which influenced me to some extent. And I struggled hard to overcome that fact to the point of turning my back on the beliefs of my own social class during the 70's.

There are Asians, Hispanics, and Latinos who identify with the American Dream which they see as a White Man's purpose, and look down on other races, even other lower income members of their own race.

As Fitness Diva points out, the clout that the Latinos hold is evidently racist against African Americans who they view as a competitor for the entitlements of minority Americans. They believe that by aligning with the whites, they can be accepted as true Americans. That itself is an admission that they are second class.

Why it seems so difficult for others to accept people as humans and members of the human race with equal status and dignity is abominable. All other reasons that they use are mere cover ups for the racist streak that is rearing its ugly head early in this election.

And the media, their bias, liberal or otherwise, is to sell controversy and make money on the ratings. This will indeed be a painfully racist election and one that could divide an already struggling nation weakened by so much unnecessary divisions. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Tapline,

Welcome back. I hope you had a nice vacation.

I don't know what else can be revealed that has not yet been exposed. All I can hope for is that Americans unite under the winner of the election, and to make the necessary adjustments that would repair the damaged economy, educational system, technological advantage, and military capability that the country needs to strengthen.

The only one I see that has not been fully written about is Bob Barr. But I doubt if he will be a true contender in this election.:-) --Durano, done!

The Fitness Diva said...

Not so sure about Tiger's smile being nicer...But bigger and wider? For sure! ;)

I was talking to my brother about this all earlier today, and rubbing his face in O's victory a bit (he was supporting Hillary). We mostly discussed who should be Obama's running mate. My bro, of course, wants Hill, but I think that even were it possible, it would be a bad choice for Obama. Hillary will never sit back and just be second fiddle. She would not just allow Obama to run the country. I think she'd undermine him at every turn and try to impose her will on every issue. Just the sheer competitiveness of Hillary Clinton would doom that pairing. Not that there's anything wrong with being competitive...but her brand of it will be somewhat on the rough side, I think.

I mentioned to my brother that the perfect VP candidate would be Colin Powell. Could you imagine such a ticket?! The one thing that Obama's detractors keep harping on; experience, is what Powell would bring to the table. Not to mention his own eloquence, intelligence and strong image. It would be enough to shut all the naysayers right up!
Or at least throw them into a tizzy to the point that they wouldn't know how to respond to it. That would be a dream team combo, IMO, Obama and Colin Powell.

My brother laughingly reminded me that while America might be ready for one black man to take the helm, there's no way in HELL they'd have TWO black men running the country!
I had to laugh in spite of myself, because it was such a frank, insightful the midst of all that's just transpired...and true, if you really take the time to think about just how hung up America still is on the race thing. lol
See? The race care AGAIN. Can't avoid it! It is going to come up every time you turn around for the next 5 months!
Get used to it! ;)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

I was laughing when I read that part about your brother's reaction to a tandem with Colin Powell. I guess even the Democrat party bigwigs who are closet racists would object to such a pairing.

Mind you, this election will raise several issues versus Obama on the pretext of whatever, but the underlying thing is still going to be race.

It will be a bitter contest this November and so much muck is currently being raked for the purpose. There is even a rumor that Michelle called her mother-in-law whitey disparagingly on video in a church gathering. The source is as flimsy as they come - someones dying mother saw it and mentioned it to a half deaf old man, who relayed it to a Republican official in a remote town in Memphis - that's the comparative way of describing its accuracy. More to come between now and November. :-) --Durano, done!