Friday, May 9, 2008

Nourishment Needs for North Korea

North Korea has not suffered a cyclone like Myanmar, but the perennial food shortages in the country, owing to crop failure, is a common annual occurrence. There are North Koreans dying in the rural areas daily because of food shortages. A South Korean aid group stated today that massive famine is imminent, and could leave up to 2 million people dead from starvation and hunger.

The Buddhist affiliated Good Friends estimates that the famine is as bad as the situation in the mid-1990's, and this was confirmed by an unidentified North Korean Official. While no mass deaths have occurred, at least 2 people die daily in the rural areas and on the outskirts around the city. During the mid-90's famine, North Korea relied on foreign assistance to feed its 23 million people. One reason for the perceived resilience of the people despite the scarcity is that they have become more accustomed to starvation.

This year's food situation is in bad shape due to the devastating floods that wiped out harvests last year. The UN World Food Programme is constantly monitoring the conditions, but like their military counterparts in Myanmar, there is no acknowledgment of the rural area statistics, and the seriousness of the next couple of months in terms of food supply. The aid group has urged the North Korean officials to request for international assistance to avert the massive famine that could develop into another major crisis. It has also asked the South Korean government to soften its stand on the North and to provide aid without need for requests. The United States is in talks with the North Koreans on how to guarantee that aid gets to those who need it.

There is something about absolute power that creeps into the minds of those who wield it. In Myanmar which is rightist in orientation - and in North Korea, which is communist in ideology. Both are military mindsets that nurture misplaced pride and unmitigated arrogance that are out of touch with reality. Insanity seems to be the common denominator. They would hide and pretend to their heart's content even if their people are dying from hunger. What good is a standing army of 1 million soldiers if they would readily surrender when offered food; or die after 2 days of siege?

The paranoia of these leaders have compelled them to isolate themselves and their country from the rest of the world. This is a critical decision to keep their secrets from global scrutiny. The secret being that they are all insane, but are crazy enough not to realize they are; mentally incompetent to know that what is important for the survival of the state is the survival of its people; and mad enough to threaten the world that they could nuke everyone that dares to oppose them.

It can't be lack of food... either for the stomach nor for the brain. By not believing in God, they were absent when the Lord distributed mental faculties.



The Fitness Diva said...

"they are all insane, but are crazy enough not to realize they are"

That's a great description. I know a few people who fit it exactly! ;)

This is horrific, the conditions these people are forced to live under, all while having to embrace and display this blind loyalty and patriotism to a country that pretty much imprisons them, body and mind.
I saw a program on National Geographic channel not to long ago on North Korea, and the degree to which the people are brainwashed into believing that their present leader Kim Jong Il, and his father before him are the greatest and most benevolent and kind, while the contrary is the actual truth, was just plain scary.
There was an insanity and suspension of reality in these people brought about by pure indoctrination and fear. They had no clue or concept of how to speak their own minds. They dared not.

The refusal of aid in both N. Korea and Myanmar is just ridiculous. It's a shame that nothing can really be done about either.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

All military regimes I suspect suffer from this mental state, overlooking reality for a much larger purpose - the perpetuation of themselves in power. What other purpose is more sacrosanct than that if you are out of your mind?

The thought that they're revered by their people (real or imagined) only accentuates that purpose; and self-justifies their continued rule over a citizenry whose only claim to dignity is the one they force themselves to believe their leader has.

It's like, if our leader loses face, the nation loses face, so we must sacrifice everything for our benevolent leader.

This is breeding a whole country and a new generation of cultists who could be prodded towards extremism. That's scary. :-) --Durano, done!