Friday, May 23, 2008

Soul of a Steadfast Soldier

There is no describing the pain parents feel for the death of a child, especially one so young and full of promise, who perishes in a violent and flesh ripping way that only war could impart. The mind immediately races to the scene, imagining the agony and anguish that their child went through and what caring and comfort was received, or how long before the suffering ended. The painful emptiness and hollow pangs of loss can only be expressed in a burst of tears, but the silent torture that creeps into the parents core sinks so deeply which only they can truly feel, and only they can fully mourn.

The reality that the child died for the country and the noble intentions attendant to that purpose provides some meaning, but it cannot assuage the full impact of the loss. For many, it is a statistic; for the parents, it is a life where part of themselves and the souls of their beings have merged, to see that new soul create a meaningful life of its own. But it is torn apart, with flesh ripped from the bone that's splattered in bits in the sands of a foreign land. All they have are memories of when as a child under their care, not one insect bite was allowed to hurt the child.

Kaziah Hancock has the capability to see the soul of the departed soldiers in their photographs and in the descriptions from loved ones and friends. She is able to depict these soldiers' souls in skillfully crafted paintings that portray them according to the character that they have, based on the look in their eyes. She makes them come to life, like the soul that rests within their person has been awakened; and meets to greet those they left behind. Deep compassion connects her with the soldiers and cries daily at each photo she works on.She started this project in 2003 and provides the paintings to the parents for free. Today, it has become an organization of 5 artists completing over 1,000 paintings. She has begun to think of her subjects as being in another time zone or dimension, to reduce the emotional burden and provide the gift for the parents faster.

The efforts undertaken by Kaziah Hancock has received praises and unending gratefulness for her capture of the spirit of each and every subject. Her ability to feel the visions of the parents, and capacity to connect with the character of the subjects, is a remarkable talent that translates into a healing of the deepest ache parents still have after many years.

She took this path not because she was a liberal or a conservative, but because she was a human being who understood the loss. She made her contribution in the best way she knew how, by putting her entire being into giving for others. If only all officials followed her example. But that may be too much to ask of some people whose souls have long been sold.



SheR. said...

How touching!! And what a kind soul! I salute her!

Tapline said...

Brad, Good Post.....A Tribute to the fallen....stay well.....

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

Yes, she's remarkable isn't she. I like writing about such people doing such things. It reinforces the thought that there is a lot of good left in the world. :-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Tapline,

Thanks. It is actually a tribute to the fallen, those left behind, and those who provide genuine help to ease their pain. :-) --Durano, done!