Sunday, October 28, 2007

California Carnage:Testing the Terminator

I always get a good laugh at a segment of the David Letterman Show about "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches". It shows actual speeches of American Presidents, then cuts to President Bush attempting to make a statement, confused with his own statement, forgetting what he set out to say, or bungling clumsily all over the place. This short segment tells a lot about the brain of the American President and how it can command a very high price at the organ market for being largely unused.

His penchant for rehashing previous statements was evident in his visit to California. "...We're not going to forget you..." he said. Right, just like he told people of Louisiana after being damaged by hurricane Katrina. He added these words "...theres better days ahead...", also the same thing he mentioned in New Orleans during the same crisis.

Perhaps he would walk the talk this time. Consider the facts: the disaster area is smaller than that covered by hurricane Katrina; the affected residents are predominantly white, not black; the damage was greater for the rich residents, not very poor ones as in New Orleans; and the State is Republican, not Democrat controlled.

The Terminator, err, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's lame statement that the president reached out to him before he could make the call, then declaring "... That's what I call quick action...", smacks of ass licking of the most common variety.

The make-believe nature of his profession has confused talk for action. Where's the action man! That's all talk! And President Bush left with more talk!

While the fire was being contained, thanks in large part to the firefighters and the weather, one could feel that it (the fire) was murmuring
"in your face" to the California Governor, : "...I'll be back..." Arnold may be burned by this incident, while Bush has relished being kissed in the ass by the Terminator.


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