Saturday, October 13, 2007

NBN (Neri's Biggest Nightmare)

Beyond what Secretary Romulo Neri expressed as his greatest fear in revealing all he knows about the proposed ZTE broadband project (i.e., he was afraid of bringing down the Philippine government); a far greater consequence to himself exists that really prevents him from spilling the beans: perpetuating the GMA Administration.

You'd think this doesn't make sense, right? Oh but it does.

The government may go down, but not GMA. She will have 1.227 trillion pesos to use for defending herself. The recent Loyalty Check ( Low y'all ty or thank you) with 190 Congressmen leaving the Palace with stuffed envelopes is crushed peanuts compared to the approved budget.

You might say, "this will no longer work!" Think again. Who will jump on the opportunity? The power hungry politicians of spurious intentions will fall all over themselves to support the story and condemn Gloria. Senator Panfilo Lacson will produce several new graduates from his Witness Academy; Senator Pimentel will link this to the election protest of his son; Senator Jinggoy Estrada will push for the reinstatement of his father; Senator Escudero will have an excuse not to file any Bills and focus on making accusatory motherhood speeches (he has zero bills in Congress); Senator Peter Cayetano will look for bank accounts in China under the pseudonym Mee Ek Haru Yu; Senator Legarda will retouch her make-up, pose for the cameras, double stress her pronunciation, and link Vice-President Noli de Castro to the caper; Senator Villar will take new botox treatments before facing the cameras and hint at taking over as President even in a caretaker capacity while the whole mess is being investigated (so he can taste what he has long been salivating for); Susan Roces will again display her trademark smirk while pretending not to want the interview; and Senator Madrigal would extol the honesty of Secretary Neri as a result of his sexual preference. All of these Senators, Honorable as they claim (more like Oh No, Rabble) are supporters of a plunderer who gave them hefty campaign funds and grassroots votes which they openly accepted.

The Congressmen will make proposals for defending the Administration but with their share of the national budget unequivocally certain. The Administration Senators? Two (Lapid and Revilla) will have no comment; Senator Santiago will detail what the "Consteetushen" provides in such cases; Senator Enrile will get a facelift, dye his hair, then require a mass of evidence to get beyond reasonable doubt-which is beyond acquisition; Senator Arroyo will ban the Inquirer from any news about the caper; and Senator Gordon will invite the blue babble battalion to cheer him on as he monopolizes the cameras during the televised investigation.

The events will not warrant people taking to the streets, they are tired and fed up. Why would they spend their energies and productive time supporting any of these groups of vultures masquerading as patriots? They have caught on to the tricks of the elite. Media? Owned by the elite. They want to sell their newspapers and airtime to sponsors and advertisers, so they can get their share of the money being thrown around. Entertainers getting in on the act? This is possible, so they can have additional fees to cover losses in having no movie projects and to finance their man made breasts, implanted hair, fake teeth, fake eyebrows, fake eyeliners, fake butts, ad nauseum.

The result of all these? GMA stays in the seat. Speaker de Venecia will be replaced and together with his son and Chairman Abalos, be charged and found guilty of corruption. Secretary Leandro Mendoza will be accused of conspiracy to cover up and resign. Mike Arroyo will be hospitalized for prostate (his balls will be removed at the behest of GMA); and Secretary Neri will wither away all by himself. Who would want to
befriend a stool pigeon? Unless he were like Chavit who could easily swim with the underworld, he has no where to go.

After all is said and done, the economy would be in shambles, the military restive, investors leave, capital flies out, the poor get hungrier, the middle class is burdened further, and the rich go about their business.

So, Secretary Neri got so sick at the outset of the aborted executive session because he saw the cup in his garden of Gethsemane. He just couldn't take it. He knew he would be crucified by history not for bringing the government down, but for perpetuating an administration at a higher cost to the economy than just keeping quiet and contain current costs. Costs of corruption, that is.

Where's my spittoon? Haaarrwwwk, tfffwwh- ting!

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