Friday, October 26, 2007

The Girl Across the Street Who Used to be the Boy Next Door

Never has a petition been filed in the Philippines about a change of name due to sexual reassignment, and the case of Rommel Jacinto Dantes Silverio has stirred all sorts of macho bias and disbelief from an avowed, yet shallow, catholic country.

The Supreme Court has denied his petition. Citing biblical passages in its promulgated decision, the court merely expressed its fear of "divine retribution" that would be imposed by the Catholic Church; and, its fear of losing its new found leadership role in Philippine politics.

In his or her published site, "Mely" (Rommel) claims to have had orgasm after making love with "her" boyfriend of several years, " a real woman making love to her man.." The article, "My Life as a Transsexual Woman", details her journey from a man of obvious biological error to a full woman; including the pleasures, triumphs and travails she has experienced.

My question is, why deny the petition? Why not create a precedent and let congress draft a law after? What makes a man anyway? Isn't it a fact that the reason this dangling weight is called manhood is because it is the family jewels representing the essence of manhood? If this is removed and changed to a vagina, isn't this enough proof that manhood is absent and therefore the person is no longer male? If we remove the genitalia of all male justices of the Supreme Court, would they still feel or believe they are men?

The only other thing that bothers me about Mely is why she had to remove her masculine parts, only to seek the same thing in another person attached according to its normal function - to make her satisfied and happy. I don't get it. She had it all along! There is something perverse about this whole affair. And together with the Supreme Court, the whole thing sucks!

Haaarrrwk... thwooopf ... ting

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