Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rene Saguisag: Picture of Dorian Gray

When Rene Saguisag broke into the national consciousness, he was the white knight - the quintessential principled crusader and voice of the faceless underprivileged masses.

That was several decades ago. Since then, the white knight has turned black, the caring attitude has become a condescending orientation, truth and justice uttered from his lips have become meaningless, rule of law is an empty rhetoric, and the voice of the masses has turned into the defender of plunderers. A true disciple of Dorian Gray.

Using all the eloquent legal arguments in defense of multiple rapists, murderers, thieves, grafters and plunderer, Mr. Saguisag has the gall to state, in his latest pronouncement, that the pardon of Erap was expected; since his crime was only jueteng (illegal numbers gambling and not government funds) and regular commissions as a stockholder.

This is the unkindest and cruelest doubletalk he can throw at the impoverished Filipinos. The convicted Estrada has become the protector of illegal gamblers in duping his countrymen, and the commissions he refers to were from shares of stock of a crony purchased through funds of the SSS and GSIS. And Mr. Saguisag wants everyone to believe this is a small matter.

We can only surmise that Mr. Saguisag (Symbol in English) has gotten tired of poverty and the smelly poor he used to serve. The 180 degree turn and thin arguments, expressed through a thick skinned face, are testaments to the mindset of an unconscionable and unprincipled asshole.

He is a Symbol alright, a symbol of ruthless decadence and moral deprivation. He is Dorian Gray personified.


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