Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trick or Treat? - A Pedophile's Paradise

America's halloween fashion this year, which they expect pre-teens and teens to wear for Trick or Treating, is a reflection of their obsession with being sexy (or to engender horniness); as well as to delight the local neighborhood pedophile to a real treat right in his front lawn, to leer at lots of skin and cleavage!

Imagine, he no longer has to travel to some remote county or state, or to a third world country, to feast on young bodies who are willing and proud to show off their wares. The teen-agers, have been brainwashed to think that to be desired is beautiful. They can't tell the difference between being treated as a sex slave and genuine love. They pressure their mothers to get them a costume each year, and the distraught mom, thinking that the trendy costumes are normal, accede to the purchase even if her misgivings about the skin, butt, and cleavage exposure scream at a remote distance in her conscience. The desire for her child to conform and be accepted runs stronger than imposing what is rightful decorum and discipline.

American manufacturers seem to take pleasure in making everyone a Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan - the young, fashionable, sexy, pussy flashing variety. They want to cash in on this perceived trend and goad young kids to "justifiably do so" as a halloween costume.

The costume tags tell all: sexy pirate, sexy cop, sexy geisha, among others. The designs range from costumes promoting kinky sex fantasies to out-and-out sluttiness. The question comes...:"Are the kids expected to do tricks"? What sort of Tricks are these, the one they are dressed for? And who will be given a Treat? Would these be the kids or the perverts? Are manufacturers promoting pedophilia and/or early sex start for pre-teens? Have parents surrendered their moral obligation to the purveyors of perversity? Are parents unwitting victims or just plain stupid?

It is one of the things that make America suck, and they suck big time! The " of the free, and the home of the brave..." has been transformed to the " of the freaks, and home of the deprave..."

Haarrrrrwk...thwooooph... ting

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