Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Precedent for a Plunderer's Pardon

It takes a thief to pardon a thief, as long as the second did not steal from the first.

In this country, thieves have a heyday at emptying the national coffers at the expense of the foolish Filipinos; who continue to vote for these plunderers as long as they can merit some attention, in pesos, come election time.

And now an unconvicted plunderer (GMA) has pardoned a convicted plunderer (J.E. Estrada), in the hope that this will become a precedent in the event that the incumbent is likewise haled to court for bigger amounts. Without an admission, an apology, nor even a hint of remorse; this scoundrel even declared that he didn't ask for a pardon - his lawyers did.

The justice system has been flushed down the toilet, the nation has been duped by the elitist politicos again, and the dignity of Filipinos has been trampled for the umpteenth time by this travesty. The country is being transformed into a Plunderer's Paradise - a safe haven for large scale thievery - where the people are even made to swallow the pompus defiance of the guilty pigs.

Some say there is something positive about this development: That there is not only honor, but compassion among thieves.

Haaarrrrrwk......thhwwoooph... ting.

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