Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crashing Consumer Confidence

For three straight months, US consumer confidence slumped and is seen to be hovering around 2-year lows amid economic uncertainties, according to The Conference Board. Can you blame us? Helloooooo!

Manufacturers, in connivance with media, has fed us with bad cholesterol for many years by molding us to feast on burgers, fries and steaks - grilled at that! Then we were duped into snacking on transfats with potato chips, pizzas, and like junk to be washed down with soft drinks. Finally, we have been lured to relax with addictive cigarettes after each toxic meal that would seal our fate six feet under!

And now, we are told our very young kids will entertain themselves with lead laden toys that will make them good people (only the good die young, they say). However, our little girls have been given the inspiration to provide Tricks and Treats to older adults in the neighborhood with their Britnyesque or Lindsayesque type costumes; described as the "very chic for the very cheap".

Consumer confidence my ass, there is deteriorating confidence in the entire government policy (Iraq), structure (Bush and his ilk), sincerity(Katrina Victims), and purpose(anti-terrorism).

"...and crown thy good with brotherhood..." has been changed to "...and crown thy goof, with thugs and hoods..."

Sick, sick, sick. Haarrrrwk... Twoooooph...ting

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