Monday, October 29, 2007

Tragedy for the Toy Tester

The US Lawmakers, headed by my favorite Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have asked for the resignation of Consumer Product Safety Commission Chief Nancy Nord. The reason: failure to strictly enforce safety provisions on toys made in China.

Toys with over 200% lead content above acceptable level have been wagged by Speaker Pelosi as enough grounds for seeking the resignation of Nord. Can you imagine that the most powerful country on earth has a commission with only one toy tester who merely drops the toys to see if they break? Hah! What a sham. They also have 15 port inspectors assigned to monitor the entire continent of products that have increased in volume from 1.2 billion dollars in 1990 to 7.4 billion dollars in 2006! What incompetence is this? Spurred by the President's level of competence I presume.

The dutiful representatives and caring guardians of America's children added that the Safety Commission and its Chief "... do not understand the concern parents have for the safety of their children..." Har, har har.., what a laugh!

Concern for the children?? What about those congressional pages being targeted as boy toys by some congressmen? What about those nymphet costumes they make their children wear to parade in the streets at night doing Trick or Treat? How about the exposure that their 18 year old children get in Afghanistan and Iraq that maims, cripples and kills them outright? And yes, those firearms that Americans are so enamored with that children play for target practice, using their classmates and teachers as clay pigeons?

These lawmakers should get their acts right. Why not ask Bush to resign? Why pick on an underling? Or is the current rage merely an anti-china backlash because of the trade deficit with that Asian superpower?

This whole thing is sick! America is getting sicker, but its leaders are sickest of all. Where are you Michael Moore?

Harrrrrrrwk... ThwBush resignoooph...ting!


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