Monday, March 3, 2008

Children in Chambers of Cruelty

Haut de la Garenne (High Fishing Preserve), a children's home that stood on the idyllic Jersey Island in the UK, was an imposing structure that housed orphans between 11 to 15 years old. The children, who have known no home nor parents were housed in this grand structure to receive care, attention and affection. But within the walls where no cry could be heard beyond its imposing boundaries, the children were subjected to severe doses of torture, abuse, starvation, pain, rape, and the indignities of being merchandised for sex among the island's pedophiles and child abusers.

More than 160 people have come forward to expose the horror of their individual experience, that police have now plotted as a 30 year span. Victims spoke of being drugged with valium when parties were held, where people outside of the Home would be invited to partake of the available children for whatever they fancy. They spoke of underground chambers and dark cellars where they would be shackled for long periods alone, given only bread and water and their daily dose of beatings. No one believed the children at the time since they were considered unstable witnesses. The fact is, a culture of cover up existed even among officials of the island; and the children have always been considered expendable merchandise not to be taken seriously, and whom no one would miss.

Police have found human skull, and have uncovered several chambers that give credence to the statements of the victims. Bricked-up layers of walls hide some of these chambers, but diggings and investigations will be pursued. Allegations that some children were murdered were dismissed by the Home Authorities as children who ran away. But former minister Senator Stuart Syvert believes that running away to swim to France or the next island is improbable. A former volunteer at the home, Christine Bowker, claimed that the staff were ice cold, the children were frozen with fear and very visibly starved of affection.

The island's tranquility has been shattered by this revelation. Jersey is an offshore tax haven detached from the harried pace of urban life; and an investment destination for retiring couples who seek a peaceful place to spend their twilight years. To the islanders, the story and its far reaching consequences, are devastating. Yet there seems to be an omission of concern for the many children, now adults, whose lives have been devastated, perhaps beyond repair, by what mindless cruelty and immense terror lies underneath the serenity of the surface. It is inconceivable to think that such breed of human beings exist, who feel no compassion nor pity for those deprived of home and family, and whose only fault was having no means to support themselves; and yet force upon this helpless lot their carnal desires and beastly pleasures to satisfy their lust. This is the vilest act of inhumanity.

The presence of aging child abusers who may be prominent retirees are known to islanders. But the culture of cover up remains. The desire for peace and tranquility must not sacrifice the quest for truth, and the guilty ones must be exposed, shamed and punished. The only peace the guilty ones should have will be 6 feet below the ground, after their hanging.



The Fitness Diva said...

This is but a sliver of the incalculable numbers of children who are suffering this exact same fate, not to mention even more severe atrocities than have been mentioned as we speak.

I have never been able to understand the mindset that drives pedophilia.

How could you possibly view tiny, as yet fully undeveloped bodies and limbs as the fodder for sexual stimulation and gratification? In simpler words, I just don't get it.
And these poor, forgotten, unrepresented, unavocated for children are the perfect victims for these heinous, subversively perverted violators and criminals.
I am sure that in less developed regions of the world, the abuse is even far worse and far more unspeakable.
The question is, what can WE do about it? And how willing are YOU, caught up in our own daily agenda of a free life and all its trappings, to do something about it? This is happening EVERYWHERE in the world RIGHT THIS MINUTE, as we speak and type.
You can't just say
"Oh, that's what goes on in Africa/The Middle East/Eastern Europe"/China, etc.
It's happening right where you live. So, what are YOU going to do to fix it?
What are YOU going to do about it?
Put your good intentions and altruistic thoughts where your mouth is, that's what. That's the only way we, as a people, can really affect some change, and help brighten the future for us all.

Ummm...did I just stand up on a soapbox and preach here? lol. Wasn't my intention, but I meant and also live every word that I typed!

Save the children, save humanity!
And I truly believe that!


Blogtommy said...

Hard to follow the words of the fitness diva!!! here here I guess is about all I can add. Having spent too many years dealing with these things has probably left me a bit jaded and perhaps not as emotionally charged as I should be. I'm not sure what is just for these people....I suppose that's when the faith card kicks in and though not a devout religious person, a firm believer in Karma nonetheless leads me to hope and believe....what comes around goes around....Peace......T

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

HI Fitness Diva,

You certainly are allowed to stand on a soapbox for this. I too cannot understand the perversion that goes on in the mind of a pedophile.

In some cases where we find instances or conditions that parallel this case, we coordinate immediately with the authorities, media, social welfare institutions, and private donors. We remain largely anonymous so we can move around other sites.

This is not our main purpose, but whenever we encounter such things, we take extra time and effort to render assistance and service. In most cases going out of our way, using our own time and resources, to help. In development projects that involve community organization and empowerment, (normally funded from World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, AusAid, EuroAid, or whatever funding institution)tasks are specific and monitored. When we do these rescue activities, these are not part of the specifically defined tasks, and we have to do these in our own time and using our own resource. But we also use the situation to involve the community and get them to feel a bit of empowerment in being able to accomplish something good.

In developing countries, it's poverty that drives women and children to prostitution. But these children (in the post) were not better of since they were even being chained for long periods in dark chambers.

I've seen squalid conditions and successfully developed communities mainstreamed with urban activities. What I likewise cannot understand is when we are met by government officials under very lavish surroundings when their countrymen are living like animals in the most deplorable conditions.

It might take time but I think the world can still change. Feel free to rant here anytime:-) --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Tommy,

I know exactly where you're coming from. You have been exposed to so many such cases and seen so much ugliness in the darker aspects of some human beings that it erodes your own belief in whether these things can be beaten or things will improve or get better.

There is also that creeping feeling that questions whether you are the right person for such tasks given the failures you may have encountered and/or the frustrations you face on a daily basis.

I get these feelings too. But as you say, I also believe in Karma - what goes around, comes around; and if I let my disappointments get the better of me, it could result in a bigger failure and it may return to haunt me.

I do the best I can under the circumstances, (now and then we go beyond the circumstances)and there are time I take risks others would rank as foolish audacity. I may not always be 100% successful but I like to know I did my damndest! That's something I know you can relate to and understand. --Durano, done!

Debbie said...

Wow, I didn't hear about this one. How awful. These people should be punished the same way they treated the children.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Layne (aka Reward Rebel) said...

I totally appreciate what Debbie has said, tho of course, that just makes us as bad as they are. But there's many occasions when I've gone into a rant about the tortures I'd enjoy bestowing on some of these sick bastards.

Much as I loathe paedophilia, there is always the fact that the perp is sick. No healthy person would commit such awful atrocities.

But organised abuse is beyond comprehension. Anyone involved in the criminal goings-on in Jersey and who's risen to prominence in the community, will, I hope, truly suffer greatly from the humiliation of being brought to book for their crimes. Sadly, for their victims, it's too late. RR

Kim said...

I believe in Karma too...Durano...
having dealt with these serious issues in the teaching profession for 16 years (a very long story and a battle that is still ongoing for me)....
I have very little to add to your excellent expose of yet another tragedy involving innocent children....

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Debbie,

That's the same thing that comes to my mind when I think about the kids, to punish their tormentors the same way they were treated. But then, in putting them in the same chambers, aren't we being just like the very people we are trying to punish?

This may sound like liberal hogwash to many conservatives but it is how I feel. I guess I'm wired this way and I can't help it.

I can relate with the anger and empathize with the victims, even feel for them, but I cannot take watching a fellow human be tortured, regardless of how guilty he is, and say justice was done.

It must be something religious with me. --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Layne,

There is reason to believe that the Children's home case is an organized abuse situation which involved local officials now retired.

There isn't much written about this but I dug it up in BBC and I am following the current investigations.

The victims are the sorriest lot, whatever happens - their lives are shattered. How can sick people move freely in society like this? Now, those who are seeking treatment for other mental health illnesses are being prevented from smoking, which is a critical crutch for de-stressing.

There's so much contradiction in societies, only because of the interests (carnal, political, or economic) of those who wield power over others. --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Kim,

What was their crime? I continue to ask myself this. Their only crime was innocence and helplessness; a common crime of the powerless and the voiceless.

I think there has to be a point when a chemical imbalance in the brain that reveals such beastly orientation at an early age be given the option of castration. But then again that is pre-judging and punishing when no crime has been committed yet.

I really am at a loss, so I guess I'll focus on saving the victims rather than think of the appropriate punishment for the perpetrators. We are currently pursuing something similar in Vietnam.

Power to the Innocents! --Durano, done!

Thanks for the visit and the wonderful comments.