Wednesday, March 5, 2008

McCain's Mantle Of Manliness

Ten months ago, John McCain's candidacy was considered dead in the water. Today, he has captured enough delegates to take the GOP's nomination as its Presidential candidate. What finally worked for John McCain was his determination to plod on, despite ebbing funds, criticism and bitter opposition from the party's conservative base, and major campaign staff changes; he pandered to no segment but stuck to his positions and took the hits like a man. He didn't flip flop on any of the issues he represented to please nor deceive anyone; and this was one factor that brought him closest to the office he so zealously aspires for.

Some analysts claim that moderates and conservatives rallied around McCain for the sake of party unity and to keep the Presidency within the Republican fold. Others say that conservatives voted for McCain to put an end to Mike Huckabee's pathetic campaign and send him back to Arkansas, since his continued presence was becoming an embarrassment. It was like a mouse that believed it could roar as loud as the lion, until it was so hoarse and couldn't even manage a squeak.

Part of the GOP conservative base still dislike McCain for his positions on immigration, tax cuts, finance reform and the Iraq war. The war's declared strategical success since 2007 however, has become a plus for his candidacy. This chunk of the conservative base are left without a candidate and without a party to support. McCain's task, aside from focusing attacks on his Democrat rival(s), should be to mend fences and win back this largely disenchanted block. Of equal importance is for McCain to tackle economic issues which would rise to the top of the voters agenda by November. If the development in these areas is perceived to be slow and/or weak, it would allow McCain to almost taste the Presidency but will never get to eat it. He can say goodbye to this dream a second time around. History will remember him as John McCan't.



Anonymous said...

This man is a pathetic liar. If he was projected as manly because he stood his ground on the positions he held on the issues, then American's view of manhood is deeply flawed.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Anonymous,

There are a lot of juicy bits about McCain coming out in the media, including his father-in-law's alleged ties to the mob, who is financing his candidacy. The implication here is that certain decisions will favor the Mafia or their businesses directly.

Then there's also the lobbyists where one of them rose from secretary to prime representative for Senators whom McCain was supposedly involved in an affair with.

The US media has glossed over these stories, but there is time enough for deeper scrutiny once the election is underway.

As to the American view of manhood being flawed - well not all Americans have this idea of manhood, and Americans have several points of view that are contradictory and flawed; just like all other citizens of the world. --Durano, done!