Saturday, March 1, 2008

Harry Heads for Home

Prince Harry's tour of duty in Afghanistan came to an abrupt end after 10 weeks, because his deployment and presence in that country had been uncovered by the Drudge Report. This US based online website, famous for breaking the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal, had published the story in its front page last Wednesday; beating all UK media outfits to a scoop about a Royal Family member's location and participation in the war.

Last Tuesday, the German newspaper Bild ran a diary story inquiring about Prince Harry, and speculated on rumors that he had gone to war. But the unsubstantiated rumor was not a cause for alarm until the Drudge Report blasted the cover in its website. The fact is, the British media had been met by the Chief of the General Staff, Sir Richard Dannatt, to make a case for a voluntary agreement. This was revealed by Jon Williams, BBC News editor.

Prince Harry wanted an army career and asked to be deployed to apply what he had been trained for, even for a day. The UK officials wanted a news blackout so as not to unnecessarily endanger the Prince and all those soldiers serving with him. It was made clear that any media member could leave the agreement anytime. In exchange, the media would be granted access to him before, during, and after his tour in Afghanistan; but no report of his deployment would be made until he comes home.

That the agreement lasted 10 weeks is an achievement in itself. Only the salivating, irresponsible, and malodorous vultures of the US media ended the blackout. This kind of journalism by a segment of the US media is typical of the papparazzi mentality, seeking only to profit at the expense of other peoples lives. It is a classic example of invoking the right to publish the truth guaranteed under the freedom of the press, in total disregard for the rights of others, even if lives are at stake. The lessons yet to be learned by a future leader, whose noble intentions at the risk of personal safety had been sacrificed by the selfish quest for vainglory, may never be realized.

While it may be argued that the war is unjust in the first place and the UK was merely protecting one of its ruling elite members; it grossly eliminates the very real possibility of having those other soldiers serving with the Prince, from being in greater harm in the already perilous situation with the Taleban.This fact had not at all registered in their collective conscience, if they still have one.



tom said...

Your very last line "if they have one" is probably most prophetic. Somewhere someone needs to hold these media a-holes to a higher standard of judgment....perhaps when such things are done we could require that the next beat for this reporter is somewhere in the middle east covering what it is they write about...


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Good Morning Tommy,

Since they write with sh--ty intentions and like to wallow in sh--ty stuff, I would recommend Nigeria. Put them in a slum area right smack into the trajectory of the flying toilets.

The next best thing is to assign them to the village in Israel that is targeted by the Gaza rockets. These people are the perennial boils of society. --Durano, done!

Kim said...

I agree Durano..
the press have an awful lot to answer for and I think your suggested punishment is very apt !!

Tapline said...

who is holding whom accountable. Look at the reception he got from England's Islamic community. Use to be a treasonable offense????? to threaten a royal....evidently, not anymore. The breaking of the news is beyond reproach...stay well.....

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Kim,

Some people like to believe that things such as these scoops is merely a way of doing their jobs. The nonchalant attitude betray their vicious incursion into the lives of others simply to wreck and ruin,for financial considerations.

If this is the kind of livelihood they would support their children with, I wonder when Karma will give them their epiphany. --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Tap,

If it were just him and he chose to fight it our there like Rambo, I would not raise an issue.

But those ordinary, and I mean commoner soldiers, will be put at greater risk and would be duty bound to take the bullets for him; how many such soldiers will die because of the exposure through media?

If George Bush's son joined the US Marines, would you want his unit and whereabouts revealed, especially if you son was in the same unit fortunately or unfortunately?

Sometimes, media has to take exceptions and look at the broader picture, not merely the glory and profit side of the story.
Take care too Tap.--Durano, done!