Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Consequence of Calls for Change

All current presidential aspirants in the US have labeled themselves agents of change. One says his is believable; another says experience and hard work will create change from day one; while a third one says change by strengthening America's image militarily and politically. Beyond words that inspire, conjure up a strict work ethic, or evoke patriotic fervor, lies a doubt so deep that it almost tempts a denial of its existence.

Democrats for instance have been floating a "Dream Ticket" for some time. If Hillary wins the nomination and selects Barack as a running mate and both succeed; how long will it take before Barack faces the media to apologize for indiscretions? One wonders what Hillary sees in Barack to want him for her Vice President. Judging by her choice of men, Bill's endurance for making love has been well documented and played out longer and lengthier than "Ugly Betty". Her other silent choice, Governor Eliot Spitzer, the subject of so much spit lately, was once touted "Crusader of the Year" by Time and whom tabloids hailed as the modern day "Eliot Ness for toughness on crime"; has now been relegated to "Customer 9 of Valentines" or renamed "Eliot Nests with the Prostitutes".

Does Barack have the same elements that Hillary gravitates to? If Barack takes Hillary as his Vice-President and both of them make it, does he see enough sleaze to co-opt her in some of his real-estate deals? Barack"s association with Tony Rezko goes farther than mere land deals. A son of Rezko's close associate and co-conspirator in a federal corruption case, was taken in by Obama as his intern on the basis of Rezko's recommendation. Then there's that self-confessed terrorist who is a member Barack's Church. Does Obama have enough on Hillary to make her play along? Does he have enough sleaze himself to stand up to Hillary's older version?

And then we have the Grand OLD Party's aging candidate, Old John McCain. His soft spoken tone belies the tough nature of his character. So tough that he divorced his first wife after a horrible car accident that left her disfigured and two inches shorter. He then married a younger woman who looks like Barbie's mother. His father-in-law is one of the prime supporters of his candidacy, who also bankrolled his rise to the Senate. What a huge debt of gratitude he owes this man, whose fortune was built on mafia connections in Arizona, and whose businesses use cheap immigrant labor. Despite his age, he can always resuscitate his youthful drive with young and attractive lobbyists in Washington.

The common denominator is Change. And the change is from big business control of Washington's policies and activities, to underworld control of Washington's policies and decisions. This is present in all three candidates. The influence of their underworld character backers lurk behind the scenes and in front of judges today, but these will all Change. A political Change from day one that you can believe in.



Kevin said...

Hillary is pulling out the "Obama as VP ticket" because she is trying to pull his voters to her, by saying we will both win if you pick me. It's a bunch of garbage and frankly, shows her arrogance, being pretty far behind in second place and all...then asking the person winning to take the second place position.

Then, just because you're associated with someone does not mean you're guilty.

The Fitness Diva said...

Hey, nice layout on this post! I'm loving the stair step arrangement of the candidates' pics at the top of the post. How'd you do that?
You've got skills, my friend! ;)

And I have to agree, Kevin, that is the height of arrogance, suggesting that someone who is already winning against you should opt out and just be your right hand man. She's definitely got some cojones!
And in not such a good way....

This thing is just gonna drag out week after week after week. I think that the public is going to just get bored and push it to the back burner if a decision is not made soon(with the Dems). It's hard to keep all this fevered momentum and excitement going on with no conclusion in sight.
And who knows what will be the consequence of that...

Kim said...

goodness the plot has thickened Durano !!
Barbie's Mother lol... I like that !!
I do enjoy reading your opinions on this as you are always entertaining as well as informative....
as you know when it comes to things political my attention span is short...:0
cheers from
the artist from OZ :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Kevin,

Hillary's ploy is merely a political approach to create a bandwagon and try to convince people that she is, and will be, the winner in this contest. She's putting on a show of strength to win the undecided and last minute decision makers.

It's a strong psychological ploy, that's all it is. But offering it ahead of Obama was the key. If Obama said it first, it would have had a bigger and more realistic impact. He was beaten to the punch.

No one said Obama was guilty of anything, neither did I. No case has ever been filed in court where a guilty conviction was rendered. What I'm pointing to is the fact that personal associations and exchange of favors influence certain decisions. Now if I owed the Pope a personal favor and he requests me for something, certainly I would oblige. If it's a racketeer, a terrorist, or a Mafia boss, would the situation be different. The movie "City Hall" dwelt on this, and this has been the case since men associated with other men for power and position.
Why do you think Enron happened or Halliburton continues to rake it in? Why don't we develop fully alternative energy sources and insist on using fossil fuel? Why do Pharmaceuticals continue to have dominance over the government? It's favors Kevin, and association.

Do not be blind to the possibilities, and must ever be vigilant. Even the best of men are weakened by choices made under stress or by their own ambitions and desires. It's the story of mankind. Look at Obama as a man who needs your help to be strong and be on the right, not like some God who will do no wrong deliver you from evil. He is human, and he is imperfect. I am not endorsing any candidate, as a matter of fact, if I had my way, I would cancel all the primary results and select the truly best among the citizens to lead. All these potential presidents are flawed before they even threw their hat in the ring. That's what I want you to see. __Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Fitness Diva,

Thanks for the compliment on the lay-out, but it was perfectly involuntary. I took the photos of equal sizes and uploaded all of them on the left side. When I took a look at it, they were arranged this way. I'm happy with it. :-)

As I told Kevin, it's a purely psychological political babble. Obama should have said it first since Democrats have been talking about it all week and even month before.

So far the Dems have been enjoying record turnouts and big campaign funds flowing in. It's looking good for them this November. But you're right about the tiresome and inconclusive results plus the rhetoric is getting boring.

As far as I'm concerned, they're all flawed before the election has even begun. --Durano, done!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Kim,

If you ever owned a barbie doll, you'll know that she would have been what barbie's mother would look like! :-) I never owned one but bought several of them for my kids.

I know what your attention span on politics is and it is perfectly understandable. Why ruin your personal harmony with matters that paint an ugly picture of events, which would impact on the beauty of the inner self that is reflected in artistic creations? Forget it. Pack up and back to OZ with you. See you there later. :-) --Durano, done!