Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye Bye to the Beleagured Boar

In about 22 hours, we will be saying goodbye to the Year of the Boar. Like other years, there were events that were positive as well as events that remained a bitter memory; the effects of which were felt in specific regions of the world. This particular year of the Boar however, has left major unresolved issues that would impact on the entire planet and its growing population.

Foremost among this is the unresolved issue of reductions in toxic emissions that closed the year with only an agreement to hold more talks. The United States refuses to commit to specific target reductions as well as to provide the technology for the developing nations to reduce their respective CO2 emissions. The State of California was denied by the US Environmental Protection Agency of its request for a waiver, normally an automatic grant, for the state to set its own standards of toxic emissions for cars and trucks. The State's standards are even greater than those set in Bali, since California's air quality is at dangerous levels. The EPA cited a national strategy of reductions rather than a patchwork of standards set by individual states as a better alternative. California will sue the government for its refusal.

The other unresolved issue is the War in Iraq, a war with no end in sight and no clear victory to claim. Soldiers fighting in that country are increasingly anxious about home. Some were even mandated to extend their tour of duty. This puts the future of these young men in harms way physically and mentally, as in Vietnam. George Bernard Shaw once said "We learn from history that men never learn from history".

The continuous rise in the price of oil, affecting all nations, remains a hurdle for many economies that find difficulty in coping with its inflationary impact and reduces its capability to support social programs. The price increases, logically, should spur development of alternatives; but this is too slow in coming as it gets inadequate support.

Poverty, disease, and hunger that stalk the regions in Asia, Africa, even parts of Europe and the Americas remain unresolved. Eight (8) years into the new Millennium and the world still fails to provide adequate food for its population. Science and technology offer genetically modified substitutes from bio-engineered products, but its safety and fitness for human consumption remains questionable amidst contradicting claims.

The death of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan has placed that region in chaos, impacting on America's war on terror. The tattered foreign policy of the US here would affect its operations in Afghanistan as well. America could find itself fighting in 3 fronts, including Pakistan.

Security of all nations against terrorism cannot be contained since the acquisition of fake documents, or, authentic documents with different names and faces, is still beyond control. Terrorism is an effect, the cause is oppression and inequality. Religious beliefs are merely the medium by which the act of terrorism is carried out. A way of life cannot be destroyed by terrorism, neither can obliteration of the terrorists prevent the rise of new warriors. A global system of equitable distribution of the world's wealth and the right of people to live free and exercise their choice of religion, without suppressing individual choices of faith, is a means of ending terrorism. My only question is why is it called War on Terror? Just like War on Corruption, War on Drugs, War Against Illegals, or War on Environmental Destruction, why is it that nations are so enamored with war. Its good if those that make these declarations are the actual people who go to battle, but its always the young men that get maimed, killed or go nuts that fight. Is it because the economy is dependent on war. The classic military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower asked America to guard against decades ago, has it grown more pervasively? Don't they realize that the words of Benjamin Franklin "There never was a good war, or a bad peace", ring true to this day?

Its good that the Boar goes tonight. If he remains a minute longer, I'm going to roast that fat pig and serve the resulting dish among neighbors and friends for New Year. That will definitely resolve a major issue.



Wil said...

Roast the Boar! Hehehe. Happy New Year, Brad Spit!

Tapline said...

Brad, Have a very prosperous New Year.....stay well......

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