Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Obama Overflows with Obama

"There's no doubt that Bill Clinton had faith in Hillary (Clinton) and consulted with her on issues, the same way that I would consult with Michelle (Obama) if there were issues. On the other hand, I don't think Michelle would claim that she is the best qualified person to be a United States Senator by virtue of me talking to her on occasion about work that I've done". -- Barack Obama

I picked-up this quote from a post by Roadkill Refugee who correctly pointed out that in attempting to belittle Hillary"s experience as First Lady, Obama was making sweeping generalizations about the experiences of Presidential spouses; forgetting that there are "differences among them as there are among all women". The post cited Eleanor Roosevelt who helped draft the UN charter, led women's rights at the time, and was viewed as the one running the presidency during the 4th term of the ailing FDR, as a case in point.

The post also pointed to Hillary's completed 8 year senate stint which Barack Obama hasn't done, and the fact that even her strongest critics "never seriously questioned her raw intelligence, diligence or advocacy skills; which are the central skills of any politician regardless of ideology".
Finally, Roadkill Refugee also took notice of the fact that "Barack took a patronizing swipe at Michelle's qualifications to be a US Senator when her experience and qualifications would appear to be no less impressive than his own when he was first elected in 2002".

This is such a condescending remark from a man so full of himself without realizing he is overflowing all over the place. It may be a case of Barack's slip showing behind all that posturing as a genial, easy going, new politics, pro-women advocate. In typical 70's parlance, this is patently chauvinistic. The facade may be showing cracks at crunch time. If he didn't notice the swipe in his desire to denigrate Hillary's experience, which is his weakest point; his attitude about women's capabilities as compared to men is truly prejudiced. If this is his predisposition towards his wife, his natural tendencies towards others outside of Michelle could be worse!

A closer scrutiny of this man is necessary since he has developed his image very well with the assistance of the media. But unconscious expressions such as this deserve more than a glance. Obama is too good to be true and he perhaps takes it personally if someone, more so a woman, could be better than himself. Does he feel threatened by Michelle and/or her drawing power? What about playing a supporting role for Oprah? Can he sustain it or will this be a sacrifice on his part while he needs her? What about that statement that he is comfortable with strong women? Or is he only comfortable for as long as they will do as he dictates or has the upper hand?

I am beginning to feel that Obama does not have the character to run the Presidency. He does not seem to have mastered his ego as yet. The continued attacks by Hillary on his inexperience and his programs could trigger more of the real Obama during an open debate. Remember the woman he had a tiff with during a question and answer session in one of his campaign sorties? That type of intolerance, for women who stand up to him, could be his waterloo. And this does not augur well for women once he is elected.

Whatever he truly is, he has kept very well. The attitude towards women may be a result of his earliest relationships. I wonder what his mother was like? I wonder what he thought of her really? Perhaps he was not breastfed? I really can't tell. This much I can say: he's as overt as a chameleon and as touchable as an eel. I feel for the gay community. His attitude towards them could be much worse than those for women. If I were you guys, I'd better start practicing the song " Macho, macho man... I wanna be a macho man!" Then Obama will probably change his ways towards you. Probably.


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iamsorceress said...

First time here. Love your entries---sorry for being cheesy---short and to the point.

I have always been wary of people who look and sound too good to be true, more often than not, they are indeed just too good to be true.

Hillary may not be the best person to run the country and Bill (like they're just my next-door-neighbors) isn't exactly a man who has lived the most pristine of lives, but as a team, and with Hillary on top (no pun intended), they are definitely IT and SHE is definitely better than Obama, IMHO.

Pardon me but I don't think the other guy's got the real balls to play ball. Unless of course, Oprah decides to have morning coffee with the Obamas at the Oval Office every day. I just hope he won't buy her Walt Whitman's book. LOL.

But really, kick-ass blog!