Thursday, December 6, 2007

Romney's Religion Recital

The GOP must really be feeling desperate. Its top two contenders are hinged on the acceptability of their respective religions among voters. Mike Huckabee, a Baptist and former preacher and Mitt Romney, a Mormon of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Huckabee does not need to defend his faith unlike Romney, but the response from polls indicate that the GOP front runners will be judged on the basis of their faith.

Are the Republicans calling on God in a Presidential Election versus Hillary or Obama?

Perhaps they should. Romney has already started it. His religion recital in Houston, however, is peppered with contradictions. The points he raised covered the following:

1. Explaining and justifying his religious beliefs go against the profound wishes of the nation's founders. (So, what is he talking about here and why? Is this not an explanation? Or is this merely a way out of explaining and just have everyone accept it?).
2. Shares moral convictions with Americans of all faiths despite differences in theology. (50% of potential voters are squeamish about electing a Mormon President, does he share this too? I think not.)
3. Will serve no one religion, group, cause and interest. A President must serve only the common cause of the people of the United States. (Was there any doubt about this in all Presidential Campaigns in American history? Why the need to reassure? Is he reassuring himself or the American voters?)
4 Its not
one's faith, but the consistent way one's life is lived. (Is he saying his faith is immaterial to his life? How about the consistency of his changing positions on abortion for example, for the sake of expediency?)
5. The oath of office as President becomes the highest promise to God. (Does he refer to the Father or the Son? There is a "theological difference" between what his faith sees as the Father as against other faiths.)

Echoing JFK's 1960 speech on the topic of religion, close to where the former president did so, with a backdrop of several American flags plus a replica of the presidential seal to project himself as presidential, is all fine. The big difference between Romney and Kennedy is that Catholicism was and is considered a Christian religion. Mormonism is ...well... a faith.

Huckabee was quick to point out that Romney's religion would have no bearing on his being a president, consistency would. This is a smart way of moving away from the faith issue that may be "forgiven" based on the constitution; and into lack of authenticity due to inconsistencies in action that would affect a man's practice of his faith as well. Its attacking the faith without attacking the faith. Ingenious!

Romney's religion recital also expressed these words:"We are a nation under God, and in God, we do indeed trust". (Again, is it the Father or the Son?) Where the Republican's are concerned, we should add: "When all else fails!"


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