Saturday, December 29, 2007

Brawling at the Bethlehem Birthplace

Religious intolerance has taken on a new dimension. The old "Catholics versus Protestants" is passe', while the more current "Muslims versus Christians" has taken a back seat. Today, it is "Christians against Christians" featuring the Greek Orthodox priests bashing heads with the Armenian priests.

This humiliating development took place in one of the most revered sites of Christendom, at the Church of the Nativity believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ. "Jesus Christ!" The embarrassment is enough to send the Lord back to his Mother's womb!

Imagine the agents of God bashing each other with broomsticks and pelting one another with stones from the Church itself. The desecration of the Church where the manger was located, with acts of violence and behavior one sees only in football matches pitting Liverpool against the rest of the world, is enough to raise the Pope's blood pressure up to heaven. On top of this, this rampage takes place during the Christmas Season where the message is Peace, Hope, Love, and Understanding!

The Church of the Nativity is jointly run by the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Armenian Apostolic authorities. Following the completion of the Catholic rites, The Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolics were cleaning their specified sections for their respective Christmas celebrations in January. The sprucing up turned violent when some of the Orthodox faithful trespassed into the Armenian property line, sparking the fistfights akin to a barroom brawl in old western films. The cause of this unholy episode is so stupid it makes it hilarious!

The absence of any tinge of understanding or tolerance was appalling. The sudden burst of violence launched through a vicious attack, was met with equal intensity by the other side. Police had to be called in to separate the warring factions of the Montagues and the Capulets of the Church. The fierce fight should be documented and broadcast through the Animal Planet channel because of its proximity to animal behavior when its territory is threatened by encroachment.

Its hard to comprehend a stupidity of this magnitude. Were they fighting in the name of God? Should they now start walling their property lines? Why fight over small property when Heaven is such a big place? If Christianity is preparing for eternity with God, why are they feuding over prime real estate? Does this have more value? Fine lessons they're teaching, by way of examples made famous by Mike Tyson. Did anyone's ear get bitten by the way?

These priests sure have the balls for a fistfight. I wonder if they would have the balls to face their congregations with this shame. Perhaps all priests should be castrated, lets see if they'd still have the balls for anything violent such as this, including child molestation and rape!


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