Friday, December 7, 2007

Huckabee Hacks at the Homestretch

Despite the elegant rhetoric and masterful delivery of Mitt Romney's non-explanation of his Mormon beliefs, many Evangelicals he was trying to woo found it uninspiring; and may have solidified their belief that Mike Huckabee is the better choice for the GOP Presidential candidate.

The latest NEWSWEEK survey of 1,408 registered Iowa voters on December 5 and 6 has placed Huckabee at the top of the polls with 39%, dropping Romney to 17% among caucus goers for the GOP. With the campaign for the Iowa caucus entering the homestretch, this leap is quite formidable indeed.

Religious belief is an issue that will define this contest, and Romney's failure at providing substantive explanations of his faith, notwithstanding the copycat approach used in attempting to duplicate JFK's 1960 speech, will pull him down further. In contrast, Huckabee's religious background is credited for this latest rating at the polls. Of the identified Republican evangelicals, 47% chose Huckabee to Romney's 14%. Non-evangelical survey results show an even 24% for each.

It seems that the 40% evangelicals likely to comprise caucus goers for the GOP do not want a Saint trotting around the USA as their President, least of all, a flip-flopping one. They prefer an ordained Baptist Minister to lead them, one whom they can count on to raise America's moral standards, and their taxes as well.

Henceforth, Huckabee's every word and every position on issues will be scrutinized. He has already received his share of religious questions, perhaps his stand on the war, terrorism, health care, immigration, economy, among others, will get better exposure. That is, if the Republicans skew towards the more earthly and mortal concerns of their countrymen in this campaign. Thus far, the only thing they haven't done is to call on heaven for lightning to strike Hillary Clinton!

The rest of the pack in the GOP race are way behind, largely due to their suspicious demeanor as compared to Huckabee's friendly and informal disposition. Like Bill Clinton was when he first ran.

As it stands, the chance for Mormons to see "A saint go marchin' in" to the White House has dimmed. I only hope that the imminent defeat of the Mormons does not give the Scientologists any ideas. Can you imagine Tom Cruise for President? Heaven forbid!


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