Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Perdition for the Parish of Perversion

At age 16, Rita Milla wanted to be a nun. Now, at age 46, she doesn't even believe in God. This transformation was the handiwork of 7 Catholic priests who took turns abusing her when she was 18. One of them, a Filipino priest named Fr.Valentine Tugade fathered her daughter Jacqueline, now 25.

It was this Fr. Tugade who introduced Milla to the 6 other priests after he had sexual relations with her. The worse part is, upon learning she was pregnant, Fr. Tugade suggested an abortion, then thought of a way to hide her in the Philippines, his home country, until she gave birth. The order to which the parish belongs conspired to keep the issue hushed up, and issued secret payments to Rita through Tugade. This case is part of the US $660 million settlement between the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles and 508 victims. Rita Milla will get US $500,000 for her suffering.

Think about it, a girl 16 years old with ambitions of being a nun, ravished by 7 priests (one died in 1997, six are in undisclosed locations), the impact is beyond confusion, stunned disbelief and disorientation! These seven Rapists in Robes are not the Magnificent 7, they are the 7 Deadly Sinners! Could it be that they misconstrued the title "Father" to mean having children or at least attempt to? What is it with these clergy people? Something must have happened on the way to the altar. After polishing and massaging their short swords for so long, they were looking for a greater high and decided to thrust these into somebody?

This is the work of the devil. I remember Al Pacino's line in The Devil's Advocate " one can deny that the 20th century is mine..." With this orgy consummated by perverted priests, the statement holds water. I wonder if Tugade chanted "Semenous Pobiscum" (my semen be with you) while the 6 others respond "Et Cum Espiritu Tu" (and with your spirit) in doing their fiendish acts. What would they have said at climax, "Oh God, I'm Coming"?

There exists a Database of Publicly Accused Priests (and Nuns) in the United States, arranged by surnames from A to Z, and the list keeps growing. The ones from other continents have yet to be accounted for.

Perdition is the place for these Freaks in Frocks. They deserve the eternal punishment of thrusts in the butt from all inhabitants of hell - not with their lower thingies, but with their horns!


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