Friday, December 14, 2007

Sinatra's Stardom Stamped

Frank Sinatra's face may not be as immediately recognizable as that of Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, or even Michael Jordan a few years back, but it is his voice and impeccable phrasing that has endeared him to music lovers of several generations.

Sinatra is an American icon, a jazz oriented musician and Academy Award winning actor who began in the 1930's and remained a top concert attraction up to the 1990's. His storied career and tempestuous personal life became part and parcel of a legend that was shaped by his own method of adapting to events spanning several decades. To this day, balladers and performers pay homage to Sinatra and his style of delivery, whether this be jazz music, pop, ballad, or swing.

In the music and entertainment circles, Sinatra was referred to as "The Chairman", and fondly called "Ol Blue Eyes". There is perhaps no lounge singer or balladeer in the world that does not do a Sinatra number. In the Philippines, his 1965 hit song "My Way" continues to be the favorite of karaoke singers, and is always part of any songbook regardless of what brand of karaoke equipment and accompanying song list is used. The song is so revered that those who don't do justice to its delivery have at times either been booed, stabbed, shot, or beaten up.

The US Postal Service will issue a stamp with the singer's image in 2008. It is remembrance, recognition and respect immortalized, to honor an influential performer. This will no doubt be popular among collectors.

Presidential aspirants should perhaps link themselves to this collector's item to get extra votes. I would assume Rudy Giuliani would lay claim to the Italian heritage, plus accompany his candidacy with a rendition of "IF You Are But A Dream"; and even hint at being known to Sinatra's Godfather. Can you imagine Fred Thompson singing "Strangers in the Night"? Mitt Romney would most likely ape Sinatra's poses as he did with JFK's and do a rendition of "High Hopes". Mike Huckabee would probably select the conservative song "Love and Marriage". Senator John Edwards could appeal with "Let me Try Again", and Barack Obama's change advocacy would do "My Way", but that would come out really hollow - considering he has not done much-even for Illinois. And what of Hillary? Well she can do "The Lady Is A Tramp". Would that be apt?

My own tribute to Sinatra is a rewording of his old song below, the one I recommend for Hillary.

Sinatra’s in a Stamp

(Sung to the tune of “The Lady is A Tramp”)

He gets too angry, and loses control
he bets a bundle when he’s on a roll
he’s a performer you’ll surely recall
that’s why Sinatra’s in a stamp.

He can be gen’rous, without any fuss
his blue eyes glitter, you’d think it was glass
he gave Las Vegas, its first taste of class
that’s why Sinatra’s in a stamp.

He loves the free, fresh, whiff of perfume,
from women in bloom.
He’s loved! He’s hot! Hey Frank Sinatra
You’re my kind of Champ!

That’s why Ol’ Blue Eyes,
that naughty wide smile,
that's why Sinatra’s in a stamp!

Photos obtained from Wikipedia

How's that for sucking up, huh!



ZenDenizen said...

This post is truly creative from your political theme songs to your song parody.

Anonymous said...

a great new stamp idea.

I'll be one of the first ones to buy them