Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hillary in Heat?

First it was the campaign for the primaries "heating up". Then it was "dead heat" between Hillary and Obama. And for a while there I got confused thinking Hillary is in heat... at this point in the campaign? No way! Clarified, she is feeling the heat. This is not the global warming variety but the burning thought of losing after a fiery start.

Well, ashes certainly don't have much heat, that's an option. This is what her efforts would turn to if the "re-calibration" does not work. The question is, have the Iowa voters been hoodwinked by the pretentious "change agent" Barack Obama, and blinded by the glitter of Oprah's popularity? If so, the question for the voters in Iowa is, "Where were you when God was giving out discernment?" They must have been with Oprah.

The questions for Hillary are, "Are you running for the Presidency for its own sake? To prove something? Or, are you running because you sincerely believe you can do better for America than all other candidates?" If its the latter, well she has a problem. That sincere belief can't be felt. It just doesn't come through! Her initial campaign stance was built on a platform of solid capability, strength, resilience, playing hardball when necessary, intelligence and advocacy skills, because she was a woman. Now, that feminine sincerity and warmth (not heat), and motherly comfort must appear, and appeal to the greater number of women voters.

It may be late in Iowa, but its not too late. The house of Hillary can still establish a home in Iowa. Re-calibration must not only be about hard facts, fighting tough and figures; it must involve genuine concern, exude compassion, and being accountable in some way for the policies contributing to the sad plight of many affected individuals, families, communities, and ethnic groups that comprise what America really is; regardless of what the Warriors of God from the Republican party say.

The questions for Obama are, "Are you for real? Is this vigorous attempt to be President truly grounded on the urgency of change? Are the policies you propose really that different so as to require urgent change? Or, is the urgency driven more by an intense personal desire; just learn the ropes while in office, and smile your way out of costly errors, at the expense of America and its citizens? What's your hurry? You haven't done much for Illinois!"

The questions for Oprah are, "Are you selecting goodness over capability? Will personal goodness lead to good governance? If a decision critical situation arises requiring well founded experience, will an inexperienced but personally good President produce a good decision? Are you not turning your back on your pro-women advocacy? Is this as much about submitting to male domination as it is about race? What do you stand for now Oprah?

To the citizens of America nationwide, the questions are, "Can you please tune in to what the world is gasping for, and not merely focus on your desired lifestyle and pursuit of whatever it is you regard as the American Dream? Its turning the world into a frightening nightmare! The rest of the countries in this world are part of the planet too!" Please realize that some parts of this world are so dry that they don't even have their spit to drink in lieu of water! I rest my case.


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Little doubt, the dude is completely fair.
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