Monday, December 17, 2007

Harnessing Harmony for Hillary

The crab mentality after all, is as common as the cold and as perennial as the grass.

Take a look at the Democrats, they are poised to take over the White House from the descendants of Atilla The Hun and Genghis Khan combined, but their individual quests for glory far outweigh the need to consolidate their resources and esteemed popularity. Rather than rally around Hillary Clinton, their best candidate that would topple the Republicans, they are exerting their best efforts to tear her apart.They have joined the Republicans in pulling her down that they are unwittingly doing the work for the GOP, at the expense of their own party!

The Bush Administration, their business partners and other GOP party bigwigs are gleefully watching developments as it is tweaked and slanted by their controlled networks and media. The rapacious lust for power and bottomless avarice of those who created Corporate America as the entity that spawns misery throughout the world, are anticipating a continuation of their reign through their "Church Bred" aspirants. Except Rudy Giuliani of course, he is breast fed, several times over.

You have a freshman senator who uses a celebrity cover and powerful endorser. What's this? Is popularity the measure of the electorate's capacity to think and discern? The US is already fattened and dumbed by its celebrity fixation, does it need more? The American educational system is in decline, and the world has felt this with the election of George W. Bush twice over! And how rightful are this celebrity's endorsements? Will America not be damned or be dumbed by these promotions? Do Americans need more Dr. Phils? Or is this the black version?

Hillary Clinton is a winner, regardless of how the Republican media paints her to be. They would run their own polls showing her slowly declining to create a bandwagon effect. They had done this with Al Gore when he ran for President. Hillary's strengths, capacity, skills, and political savvy must come to the fore not so much as being equal or better than men. I think she must come through as a woman, communicate her unifying feminine factor, to guide America and nurture the country back to its rightful place, as a strong and stable mother would when the family or the household needs to come to terms with consequences when crisis strikes.

What is divisive for America is the war in Iraq, not Hillary.The war that Bush pushed for Halliburton's sake, not America's. She has to stop the bleeding and commit to end this war and send the young men home, rather than send them to their useless demise or to the funny farm. Bring the boys back to their wives and mothers, sons and daughters, not to their graves.

As a woman, she can disagree without raising ire; she can communicate compassion and empathy with or without tears; she can delve into her inner self and visualize where she would take the country and what it can overcome and become; and she should find that voice, manner and disposition that all women and mothers have and express it as deeply and sincerely as only a woman could, repeatedly. Being a woman is not a weakness, it is her distinct and differential advantage. She can harness this strength to create harmony. Fifty four per cent of Democratic voters are women, that's a plus factor. She could even attract more women voters nationwide to produce a formidable majority.

Hillary needs to be Hillary, not a better version of Bush, Romney, Huckabee or Giuliani; not a fusion of the better elements of Edwards, Biden, Richardson or Obama combined. And certainly not a even a superior than original clone of Bill Clinton, the guy with loose trousers.America needs to see the original Hillary.

If she can transform into this true Hillary mode, the Democrats and the world would be basking in the glory of a new golden era. The Republicans, ahhh... well... they can bask in the glory of bathing from the contents of my spittoon.


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