Monday, December 10, 2007

Zooming-in on Zeppelin

Their music is the essence of genre classics. Their sound is the epitome' of power and creative genius. Their style crafted and perfected for what is referred to as Heavy Metal; relegating the Motown and rock and roll sounds to wimps in comparison. Their concert shows on stage and lives off it were the stuff of legend. Small wonder that the Led Zeppelin's so called one-off performance attracted 11 million aspiring attendees for the 20,000 capacity arena.

Speculations as to how they will perform have surfaced since the band last played publicly 20 years ago. John Bonham's son, Jason will join in this gig, which has been delayed due to the broken finger suffered by Robert Plant; raising more questions about performance capabilities of the group.

But fans are unfazed and are eagerly awaiting the return of the 3 surviving members despite being sixty somethings in age. As one of those mesmerized by this band, I will be in total denial of anything that remotely hints of a change in their delivery from the way I remembered listening and singing to these. If I could be there. But alas, I won't. I will have to wait for the video of this gig and the subsequent album that will be released thereafter.

I used to sing their songs in a band I was with decades ago. The first Led Zeppelin song we opened after the regular Beatles' numbers signaled the start of something wild and different. But that's another story.

I'm certain this group, despite anything derogatory that may be expressed after this one-off will be greeted with "A Whole Lotta Love" and remembered with fondness for 'What is and What Should Never Be". I hope that whatever they seek, they find their personal "Stairway to Heaven", however they define this to be.

If I suck because of this, I'll do it for you.
Haaarrrrwk...Twoooooph... Ting!

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ZenDenizen said...

Great post, I'm curious about what they do next, too. Although I admit I was shocked after seeing that recent magazine cover.