Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spain Spurns Santa

Its a 3 to 1 fight in Spain pitting the Catholic version of gift givers, the Three Kings, against America's red suited jolly gift giving fat man Santa Claus. This ignoble confrontation is being induced by cultural and religious traditions, when in fact, it is all about getting a bigger share of the consumer market for the expected brisk Christmas shopping and gift giving practices.

La Despensa, a local boutique is leading the call to remove Santa from the psyche of Spanish consumers. It has plastered posters in the city with slogans like "Down with the Red Fat Capitalist!" It has also issued a manifesto with statements saying that "Reindeer don't fly, Camels do walk, Enough already with the fraud!" The boutique is believed to have been behind the staged protest at the Finnish Embassy targeting a Scandinavian factory. Protesters carried placards that read "We're with the Kings, Down with Santa!" They see the effect of Santa as an example of the dark side of Globalization.

The Three Kings, Melchor, Gaspar, and Balthazar, brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to baby Jesus on the feast of the Epiphany held on the 6th of January. Unfortunately, the Archbishop of Canterbury has declared that the story of these 3 gentlemen is nothing but legend; together with the star they followed, Archbishop Dr. Rowan Williams says that stars just don't behave that way. The "Kings" therefore need a lot of help from the Spaniards.

This "battle" is childish and unnecessary. Marketers using Santa want to cash in on the season's spending spree. The La Despensa and their adherents want to do the same, but they are using "cultural imperialism" to rally buyers to their stores and their products. Both sides are capitalists, is there any difference if they are local or foreign? Capitalism knows no nationalism nor loyalty other than greed and profit. This is their religion and their culture. This battle is simply a case of marketing war brought on by the desire for larger market shares, sales volume and profit. The poor Spanish citizens drawn to this silly encounter for either side will be the biggest loser.

Santa typifies American society, loud and obese. The 3 kings in their respective costumes look so third world and outdated. Why not dress the Kings (it is unclear if they were Kings at all) in red suits too or some other modern day color with updated designs. Or sell robot transformers of the 3 men that can turn into a camel looking fighting machine! Better yet, make them warrior kings of the desert.

These unthinking and unfeeling capitalists are desecrating the spirit of the season with their outstanding display of avarice and efforts to perpetuate dissent, anger and hate. This is the season of Hope, Love and Understanding, and these unscrupulous manipulators are obsessed only with making a fast buck using nationalistic nonsense, religious intolerance, and cultural cop outs.

What a shame, and they are supposed to be Catholics. Come to think of it, its the most successful religion ever sold and their book is an all time best seller. No wonder.


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BroTee said...

Don't mind the hypocrites. They have eliminated the reason for the season and are simply after their own secret goal (making more money from the season). The season is all about LOVE and JESUS is the reason why the SEASON exist.
Thanks for sharing this. You may check out my opinion on the REASON FOR THE SEASON in the following post