Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rice Returns to Reconcile

"There has been progress made here. One reason that I am more hopeful being here today, at the end of 2007, more than a year or so ago, is that these improvements do show that Iraqis can count on a future with this Democracy, a future in which violence is not necessarily a way of life. But its going to take a really large effort by these political leaders to push forward" -- Condoleezza Rice

Progress? How many American soldiers have been maimed, mutilated and killed by suicide bombers and booby traps? How many Iraqis have been blasted to bits? How many have perished in this Democratic FORM of government that America insists Iraq and the rest of the world should adopt? Oh, I get it. They want the Iraqis to be like America, go shopping at Christmastime and have someone shoot them down in broad daylight to become famous!

Improvements? Representative Ted Poe, Republican has likened Iraq to the wild west! Improvements in what? For Halliburton and its surrogates ( Kellog Brown & Root) to take full control of Iraq and do as they please with anyone they fancy? Like the gang rape of Jaime Leigh Jones by its American personnel, who happens to be married to an American soldier? Without any trace of guilt, they took pleasure on someone whose husband is committed to die for what America pursues as defense for its way of life. The rapists are part of those that American soldiers are there to defend, and the gratitude he gets is that they take turns abusing his wife? This is what he will die for? The ignominy of this act is a reflection of the conceit of Halliburton that permeates its entire organization. Corporate America has become so blatant in its abuse that it no longer distinguishes anyone, even the wives of its own soldiers.These people have no respect nor sense of patriotism, only a sense for profit, and unwavering adherence to avarice!

Rice goes on to say that reconciliation will take a lot of effort from political leaders. What leaders? These are mostly US and Halliburton dummies! Efforts to improve peace so Halliburton can continue its pillage and plunder? Come on.

Forget reconciliation! End that stupid war, send the soldiers home, and let Iraq take care of their country! They are big and old enough to handle their concerns, its not like it was a country of half wits before the war. America's entry only made it worse. That canard about saving the citizens from Saddam was just a ploy. The war was for Halliburton and the backers of Bush and Company!

The Iraqis should be very wary. Condoleezza Rice does not just make requests, she makes sure its backed up and something should happen...especially now that Bush's term will end and the Democrats are favored to get into position. Rice comes with talk of reconciliation as "a gift of peace" to all Iraqis. Beware. As the greek seer Laocoon said during the Trojan War, "beware the Greeks bearing gifts". Rice is certainly no Greek, but what she says is Greek to me.

To remind Iraqis about Rice, here's a link to a post I did last November 6. I'm sure its the Christmas carol Condoleezza is singing on this trip.


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