Saturday, December 8, 2007

Huckabee Hails the Heavens

Mike Huckabee is not through turning the Presidential election of 2008 into a religious contest. With the possible elimination of the living Mormon Saint Mitt Romney, his message may be aimed at the "Godless" liberals of the Democratic party.

In what may be suggestive of God, prayer power, and religion practically boosting his campaign, short of saying its an endorsement of his candidacy, Huckabee said his improved performance has no human explanation and proceeded to make comparisons with the biblical story about a boy with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to feed 5,000. This essentially says the elections are preordained by God and Huckabee is it! There's no need for expensive campaigns and election costs! Wow! Shall we all line-up and partake of the miraculous fish and bread Huck is distributing? Will we drink his blood too?

No candidate has made such an invocation as yet. The Republican aspirants may be rushing to be the first to claim endorsements from Michael the Archangel, to at least get the position for Vice-President! Does Mitt Romney's religion believe in the Archangel? From what planet could he be?

The Democrats will be facing a harsh truth, any vote for whoever they nominate is a vote against God, or a vote for the Devil. I'd like to see Hillary or Barack Ophrama wiggle out of that. Ophrama would probably accuse Republicans of racism since the popular notion of devils are that they're black. Hillary will discard her pantsuits and wear long white robes, claiming to be chosen by the Mother of Jesus Christ; to consolidate the women's votes. She'll do anything to win.

The election would then be a battle for the hearts and minds of the agnostics and atheists. This is where the Republicans would lose; unless Romney's undeclared notion that such non-believers are not citizens of America and therefore disallowed to vote, then they stand a chance. The Democrats, well, they can always rely on the purveyors of sex from the hollywood crowd to get them these votes.

This is going to be one hell (pardon the word) of a messy election. The campaign is becoming a farce, the actual voting could likely resemble the Papal Election by the Cardinals in Rome. Rather than campaign rallies, we will have High Masses, rather than marches, we will have processions.

The Mayans were probably right. Lets end the world in 2012 before it gets any worse!


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