Friday, November 23, 2007

Beast of Breed Bases

US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenny belied the Bangkok based Think Tank report accusing Washington of maintaining secret bases in the Philippines. The secret bases serve as "Lily Pads" for US Military forces to keep China in Check.

" We are not building bases in the Philippines, we don't need any", she told reporters during a thanksgiving dinner she hosted for American and Filipino military officers.

This is not a lie, but a classic statement of"Plausible Deniability", otherwise known as Diplomatic Double Talk souped up with hogwash and specially laden with a lot of bull. It goes very well with the turkey dinner and is completely suitable for the guest list.

America is not building bases, USAID did! Under the guise of development assistance. They don't need bases, they already have them! They have changed the name to Cooperative Security Locations (CSLs), to hide the beast that breeds covert aggression.

The airport in General Santos City (another military name) in Mindanao is so massive and modern, yet commercial airlines use approximately 24% of the facility. The huge terminal is dwarfed by the size and number of runways. A network of widened and well paved roads lead to and from this airport, plus housing facilities in nearby locations. Workers made mention of underground structures built within and outside the airport.

What then is the rest of the 76% for? A skating rink perhaps? A landing site for UFOs or a place to hide the Justice League and the likes of Nathan and Peter Petrelli?

The one in Mactan,Cebu, mentioned by the Thai think tank is big too, but no buzz has been heard from it. The ones in Subic and Clark airbases are definitely big and both certainly are CSL potential.

The Philippine Senate rejected the US Bases Treaty 20 years ago despite the personal lobbying of their chief lapdog President Cory Aquino with the Senators at the time. However, we have always known Uncle Sam would find another way. Bribing politicians is cheap compared to what they would lose if the Chinese influence strengthens in this area of the world.

Ambassador Kristie Kenney has endeared herself with many influential Filipinos, local and national government officials, communities, tribes, NGOs, businessmen, among others. Her coming out with this statement simply casts her as one of those double faced, fork tongued, mouthpieces of America's beastly side clothed like the "little red riding hood". There's nothing "little" about the cover-up she said, yet it may represent the bribes for the Philippines - but the "hood" is well placed - as it is Washington's typical actuation. The "red" is aimed at China. She is "riding" on her established acceptance with the Filipino people.

Thus, riding on her popularity, Kristie Kenney is America's "Little Hood Seeing Red", making the bases invisible to those who are blind, and a hallucination for those who can see. America's policy makers never liked reds, look what they did to the indians!



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