Saturday, November 17, 2007

Henley's Hindsight and High Hopes

From the "Long Run" to the "Long Road" is a long waiting period, all of 28 years separate these albums. Apparently, the wait is well worth it.

CNN's Denise Quan published a live video interview of Don Henley focused on the Eagle's just released album, "The Long Road Out Of Eden". According to Henley, the album enabled them to "...get a lot of things off our chest..." He also mentioned the contradictions in their lives and their music and added half-jokingly that they "... have been criticized enough..." during a long successful career, such that they had their feelings surgically removed. Henley also answered questions as to their choice of label and outlet, Wal-Mart, saying that the offer was the best they received given the lackluster results from indie labels and the internet tried by other musicians. Wal-Mart also provided its program for ecological preservation which satisfied the environmentalist orientation of the band..

The album contains 20 songs in a double disc, with their signature harmony in romantic ballads as well as satirical takes on current issues in their own brand of cynicism.

The album's title, The Long Road Out Of Eden, is perhaps a statement to get their sentiments across without protecting anyone, not even themselves. As Henley stated "...Let the chips fall where they may..." With 700,000 albums in the first week plus 3,000,000 overseas sales commitments, the chips are falling exactly where the Eagles want to, in their financial statements.

In the meantime, the band members are 60 years old, some are almost 60, but they have weathered their differences well and have managed their individual egos. Tours may be in the offing, but another album is far fetched at the moment since they enjoy being fathers. I thought they would have been grandfathers by now. I only heard a piece of one song, but it seems the album's good.

The Eagles is one of my favorite bands ever. I'm glad they're no longer lost, "on a dark desert highway, cool winds in my hair. Warm smell of collitas, rising up to the air..." Ooops, I got carried away singing that line form Hotel California. Ooooh, I suck!


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