Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Writers Wage War

They wrote only this: ON STRIKE! And with that, all the talkers on American TV reverted to re-runs. Its a case of "Mouths Wide Shut" for talk show hosts. Writers create the stories, the fun stuff, the drama, and everything else that comes with what brings in the audiences, and of course, the profits.

Producers say the action is irresponsible. They refused to give compensation to writers for new media income, claiming there is no profit there. The writers countered: "then give us 10% of nothing!", believing that producers would not go into anything without a profit. Would you? I wouldn't.

So, Jay Leno says without writers he's nothing, not funny at all? Will Ellen Degeneres have to dance during the entire show? Should David Letterman present a whole hour of Stupid People Tricks? (Is there a comma after Stupid or is it after People?) The truth is, when I watch these shows, I really don't see anything that requires specialized writing skills, save for their opening jokes. Most are not even that funny. The rest of the show looks like its all adlib and anything goes; unless these are also scripted - then that sucks.

I guess the hosts, even after several decades of doing their show, don't want to exert extra effort to write their own lines. They probably put their brains on storage long ago and just mouth what writers feed them. These guys are not even actors, they're dummies! But look at the money they make. Who's the real dummy? Its us, man. Its us!

So, writers, go on with your strike! Producers, screw you and cough up the money! Hosts, keep your mouths shut and let your stupid brains work! Fellow dummies, entertain yourselves with your own jokes and stories! You too can be creative! I hope you haven't turned into a complete moron by keeping your eyes glued to that idiot box.

Haarrrrwk... Twooooph...Ting

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