Sunday, November 11, 2007

Giuliani's "Go-To" Guy

Would a 16-count Federal Indictment boost a Presidential candidate's chances if the defendant is a close friend and whose sons the candidate is godfather to?

Only if the candidate gives the voters an offer they can't refuse. But at this point, the only offer that will make sense to the Republican Party and to the electorate is for Rudy Giuliani to scratch himself from the race.

He has already admitted partly to his questionable judgment by stating that he should have done a better job of vetting Bernard Kerik before backing him for the Homeland Security job. This statement is a way of distancing himself from his erstwhile go-to guy, who was once the Corrections Commissioner and later Police Commissioner of New York.

Kerik also took the job of training the Iraqi police, but left after two months. Apparently, he thought he made it in New York, and if he made it there, he can make it anywhere! But perhaps he could not get a handle on what businesses were ripe for squeezing and what crime organizations can be co-opted in Baghdad.

Despite Giuliani's distancing words, its obvious he is closest to Kerik; starting out as his official driver, Police Commissioner, Business Associate and partner. He is godfather to Kerik's sons, and among Italians, that's really close. After finishing off the 5 families (his stated goal as mayor) Rudy Giuliani has perhaps emerged as the undisputed Godfather of New York; with Kerik as his Luca Brasi or his premier Capo.

Rudy's candidacy may be his way of moving out, but revelations like these on his former ties with shady associates can "...suck him back in..."

Its quite clear where Bernard Kerik is headed. And Rudy Giuliani? He's probably headed for another divorce.


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