Monday, November 19, 2007

Counter-Terrorism Comes to a Close?

Fifteen months to go in the Bush Administration and the rats are jumping ship.

Frances Townsend, a familiar face often seen on morning news and Sunday interviews arguing the Bush position specifically on terrorism and counter-terrorism; bit the dust after 41/2 years as the White House based top adviser on terrorism and Homeland Security. President Bush issued a statement saying "...She has played an integral role in the formation of key policies and strategies my Administration has used to combat terror and protect Americans..." Townsend is the latest in a long line of Bush people who have recently split with the President.

The Bush statement is full of cliches', an apparent cover-up . We may see a magazine article about her decision similar to that of Matthew Dowd and the others. The thing is, President Bush again says the nauseating punch lines: combat terror and protect Americans.

Bush and his cohorts are the ones sowing terror in the Middle East. This Administration has almost single handedly increased the recruitment of Osama Bin Laden's legions. And what about this claim of protecting Americans? Civil liberties and privileges of private communication have been thrown in the dust bin. Americans are being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. America is bleeding from this war and desertions are on the rise! The cost of the war has been so huge that to protect America's future, Bush has vetoed the Children's Health Care Bill.

Hiding behind the American flag to lure people towards a patriotic fervor is a hackneyed Bush tactic that would no longer convince a moron. Anyone who accepts this self-serving treachery is worse than a murderous mercenary for the propagation of stupidity. The photo from presents it succinctly.

Unfortunately for America, 15 months is still a long way off and all sorts of nefarious activities may still be completed before a new President takes over. In the meantime, lets raise our glasses and give thanks to the expected end of the blatant lie about protecting America, when it was Haliburton being protected all along.


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