Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yakking at Yahoo's Yang

Democracy's Worldwide Police Department (a.k.a. The US Congress) through House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos (D), berated Yahoo's Co-Founder Jerry Yang, saying "...technologically and financially you are giants, but morally you are pygmies..."

The hearing refers to the disclosure by Yahoo! to the Chinese authorities of the source of the e-mail critical of Chinese policy that sent human rights activist Shi Tao to prison for 10 years. Arguing that Yahoo has no choice but to adhere to local laws, Rep. Chris Smith (R) termed this "plausible deniability".

These statements from US Congressmen are so eloquent and aptly describes the actions and statements of their target. They can readily identify one of their kind, a true and sterling member of their tribe. They were only describing themselves but pouring their guilt on to others.

The world's technological and financial giant, and lone superpower is the United States. Yet, they dance with Dictators as a policy to protect their interests. Think Musharraf, Marcos, Shah, Batista, Somoza, et al., all in the name of Democracy. And Plausible Deniability? Hey, they created that monster even if it was hardly plausible, starting with that crappy statement "...neither confirm nor deny..." What about their torture of prisoners in the name of Anti-Terrorism, and being found out, resorted to what they termed "Rendition".

History is replete with America's anti-democratic policies and actions, human rights abuses, and lies amid overwhelming anecdotal evidence. (Think Roswell, Area 41, cigarette addiction and death, transfats in canola and corn oil, effects of pharmaceutical medications, toxic waste, global warming, carbon emissions, etc., etc.).

What is the message, the lesson they are trying to impart? Snitching is a greater crime, that's it! You can rob, steal, plunder, lie, murder just like anybody else; and if you're caught, sorry for being stupid enough to be found out or not having plausible deniability. But providing information to get others caught is breach of trust. It means there is no honor among thieves! What a sham, the mafia has moved to the highest halls of power. What can you expect from the bastards of Europe? And Jerry Yang and your company, this is the beginning of your downfall. Hasta la vista asshole!


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