Thursday, November 1, 2007

Christmas Continues

After a brief pause for the frenzy that is All Saints Day and All Souls Day, which are approaching its decline by the end of this day, Filipinos are focused anew on the interrupted Christmas Holidays that began on September 1st, culminating on the 31st of January.

Having the distinction of celebrating the longest Christmas Season in the world, Filipinos see this as the feast of all feasts. The reunions and revelry accomplished during the past couple of days are mere beginnings - and they expect to widen the coverage and scope of the celebration as well as to reestablish contacts and strengthen bonds with old and new friends, relatives, children and parents.

The outpouring of generosity, selflessness, sharing, love, family bonding, religious and spiritual renewal; accompanied by songs, both happy and sentimental, will blossom fully on the 24th of December till the 1st of January. And this disposition will extend at least up to the 31st day of the first month of the New Year.

Prior to that fateful Christmas Eve, invitations will be made, parties and get togethers will be organized, reunions set, menus prepared, shopping for gifts of all shapes and sizes for all types of people being devoured in a pace like there's no tomorrow, and food for guests coming at different times and days of the Christmas Week non-stop will be planned and purchased beforehand. It will be a bacchanalian feast of sorts for anyone coming to visit, even if everything is spent by the host for others. Happiness is giving. Nothing can change that.

This is the orientation of the Filipino Christmas. Hail the Filipinos! Now, why can't everyone be a Filipino? At least starting now till January next year? Come celebrate Christmas with us, you're more than welcome.

I'm not spitting on this one, its one thing well worth swallowing.

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