Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cooper's Creative Caper

For 35 years, the name D.B. Cooper has lingered as a legend. His pioneering daredevil caper as the first, and perhaps, only successful skyjacker spawned a number of copycats around the world. Today, new FBI information has been released saying that he was given a bum parachute and that he probably died. This, the FBI claims, explains why he never surfaced. A few pieces of the notes found floating in the water long ago, were likewise presented to the media.

Initially, he was mistaken for a D.B. Cooper that the law was also seeking, but the name stuck. His fake name on the plane ticket was Dan Cooper.

For 3 decades, all sorts of stories and revelations have been written about his whereabouts after the jump. There were even supposed death bed confessions claiming they were the Dan Cooper of the $200,000 fame. And now this latest news that he died?

Come on, give us a break. Why didn't they say so 35 years ago? Why did they let all those others do as he did, putting fear, terror and trauma in the lives of so many other passengers? Shouldn't the FBI be sued for keeping this cold case information under wraps that endangered a lot of people due to imitators? If he was unsuccessful, isn't it likely no one else would follow? Or could this be a ploy to prevent embarrassment to the FBI since the anniversary of this legendary antic is forthcoming; and they have gone ahead to quash these?

The truth is, he's alive. He is one of those sky jumping Elvis Presley lookalikes (great disguise) telling the FBI " ain't nothin' but a hound dog..." No, really, this is part of the George Bush program of disinformation. In all likelihood, it could be Dick Cheney (Dan Cooper, same initials, he he) and the death is a cover up. That's probably why he shot his hunting pal in the face, for threatening to blow his cover!

This issue sucks! For all you know, its me, I'm D.B. Cooper-Done Being Cooper; and I am now Brad Spit.


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