Monday, November 5, 2007

Hayden's Herculean Heroics

Hayden Panettierre had come face-to-face with one of the Sylars of her real life, and she failed to save the Dolphins from a brutal slaughter. Much like the hit TV Series "HEROES", Sylar lives on through the 5th episode of the second season.

Unlike the TV Series, Hayden and her fellow rescuers were outnumbered, outfought, and out-maneuvered in an unfamiliar terrain. Her team surfed towards the Japanese fishermen and were in very real danger of being stabbed by those long spearlike fish pokes. Hayden risked her life for the dolphins, and the footages of her efforts may have won more for her advocacy than the creatures she was trying to save. However, it would have been much more meaningful had they succeeded in keeping the condemned animals alive. Her unabashed sobbing and breakdown at the beach would most certainly win adherents because of the heartfelt grief and sincere intent to deliver the dolphins from a merciless massacre.

Hayden displayed a genuine and firm resolve to prevent a wrong, unlike other celebrities of her time who only display their genitalia for the paparazzi. On the other hand, the Japanese are some piece of work too. Its legal in Japan to kill whales and dolphins, but they lead the first world in combating carbon emissions. They disdain liars, but would not admit to forcing captive women to become sex slaves in WW II. They claim to be civilized, but would think nothing of doing barbaric acts.

It would have been better if Hayden coordinated with Hiro Nakamura. He would have translated the message to the Japanese fishermen more effectively. But maybe they don't watch US TV and have no inkling that Masi Oka is Japan's latest hero and icon. He was probably busy correcting the history of Kensei and neglected the history of animal preservation. He's probably still in the 16th century.

And so, a messy end to that school of dolphins whose blood changed the color of the water on the cove. They will be the first casualties under the name of the indestructible cheerleader. And while Hayden and her team would surely continue screaming "...Save The Dolphins!!...", the Japanese people would counter with "... Save The Sushi !!..." Hell, I hope they all choke.


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