Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bordello in the Bowels of Brazil

Truly, there exists among us organisms with human form, but are in reality the lowest class of scum elevated to the bowels of this earth. Such "things" don't deserve to live. I can only think of a slow consumption by starving dogs interspersed with tsetse flies and killer ants as a means of terminating the unconscionable lives of these creatures.

Such "Things" include the prison inmates and the so called Law Enforcers in Abaetetuba, (50 miles from the provincial capital of Belem, Brazil), who threw a 15 year old girl in a prison cell with 20 men. Fifteen years old! She was not only used and abused sexually but tortured with burns and cuts for almost 30 days. An added inhumanity was an extra trick if she wanted to eat. These "Things" belong to the same class of scum. It is being determined if trumped up charges were made against the child just so the Law Enforcers could throw her in prison; and perhaps satisfy the need of the inmates - for a fee of course.

Its difficult to think of these people as humans. Its as if they had never had a mother or a sister, or even a daughter; that they could do what they did to a child and totally dehumanize her. This is an abomination, an outrage that should not be allowed to pass as a simple misdemeanor. International response must be generated to lay blame on the Brazilian authorities for such behavior not even cannibals would do; and shame is the least we can expect from a Brazilian society that allows these crimes to thrive.

I cannot say anymore because I am about to choke from the amount of puke I feel coming out of me. To these "Things" directly responsible for this horror, I hope the rest of their miserable existence will be a fusion of mental and physical hell multiplied 10 times and raised to infinity.

Harrrrwk...Twoooophe'... Ting

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