Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Justice Jolts the Jesuits

What is it about the much vaunted Vow Of Celibacy and how come it has been violated so many times? In the United States alone, Catholic authorities have shelled out US $2.8 billion in damages to victims. This does not include those in South East Asia where this evangelization of the heathen tribes were imposed in the name of God.

Now comes the Jesuits' turn, agreeing to a US 50 million dollar settlement to 110 people in Alaska's rural areas for sexual abuse. It turns out that priests with prior indiscretions in their previous parishes, and predisposed towards boy toys and girlie pets, were dumped in the state to hide their insatiable appetites for sexual gratification. The defense lawyers cried foul saying there was premature disclosure of the settlement that is detrimental to their clients. This is nothing but premature ejaculation from a lawyer. Imagine, the settlement does not even require the Order to admit fault and no priest was formally charged. So why are they paying?

Obviously, to hide the obnoxious orgy.

The case involves altar boys, altar girls and altar servers between the years 1968 and 1975. One Deacon was reported to have abused nearly every boy in 2 villages. That's what I call a "Sexmorsgasboard".

Think of all these young children, baptized and guided in the Holiness of God, then violated in the unholiest manner by the men they regard as the agent of God. The kids experienced a commune of free sex for the priests, and I don't want to think of what they were fed to consecrate this perversity. These abuses led to alcoholism, violence, emotional problems and suicides.

Nice going, Jesuits.

Perhaps its time to rethink this celibacy thingy. From what I know, Jesus never advocated anything that wasn't part of Natural Law. Celibacy goes against nature. This vow was part of the Roman pagan practice. However, I think the priests were eunuchs, and that certainly removed any possibility of them piercing anyone, male or female, with their amorous swords. Maybe the Church should review this tenet before a Pope is charged with sexual abuse. Now, that would certainly jolt not only the Jesuits but the entire Catholic flock worldwide.

As for the Jesuits, pay up! Unless you want your habits lifted and your pants rolled down to get the justice that you deserve. It won't be a soft tipped hard thing either, but a 12-inch metal rod embedded with 3-inch spikes up your slimy butts.


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