Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Sister for the Salvation of Souls who Simulated Sexy Sadie's Smarts

The Sexual Revolution of the 1960's must have been too much to pass up for some people, even a 38 year old nun. Tasked with providing the right education and moral values, Sister Norma Giannini switched to the trend of the times and taught sex education and moral looseness instead; with matching simulated exercises and practicum to boot.

After carrying the load for about 40 years, the two complainants, Gerald Kobs and James St.Patrick, now 54 and 53 years old respectively, will see their former "educator" sentenced to a 20 year prison term at the age of 79.

Prior to this recent sentencing, she told a panel of the Milwaukee Archdiocese Response to Sexual Abuse "...I thought was in love with both of them". How nice. It must have been the nobility of her true feelings that spurred her to squeeze from the boys their respective ejaculations of love for her.She carried on with both for over a hundred times in various locations (convent, classroom etc.) leading to considerable instances of sexual intercourse. It must have been an intense course on the sacredness of sex, with Sexy Sadie disguised as the Singing Nun, asking the victims to undo her habit while she sings praises for the boys' generous endowments.

I don't know how these boys' lives were ruined by the caper or how they lived through it. It certainly is more difficult to accuse a nun than a priest when it comes to lewd stories such as these. But what drove Sister Norma to do a Sexy Sadie? Is it hormones? Is it psychological or emotional trauma as a child? How did she make it as a nun? Does she have any guilt? Are there more victims?

There could have been other boys at the congregation molested by Sister Sadie, and the school could have been her very private orgy with the birdies of her personal paradise. I know they don't take too kindly with sexual offenders in prison. I wonder if she would get a baton this time in her now very public hell.


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