Friday, November 16, 2007

The Sinister Spook who Slipped into a Sensitive Security Station

In what may be likened to the Lebanese version of Mata Hari, a former waitress who became a US citizen via a fake marriage; Nada Nadim Prouty managed to get inside the FBI, then the CIA, and subsequently to an assignment in a very sensitive station in Baghdad. Here, she was tasked to work on prime assignments and participated in the debriefings of high ranking al-Qaida detainees; and was regarded as among "...the best and the brightest among peers as well as being quite highly thought of..." (Read: trusted with high security clearance)

The problem is, her sister, father, and brother-in-law have very close ties with Hezbollah, specifically spiritual leader Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah; a US designated terrorist. Her illegal classified computer searches prompted an investigation where she pleaded guilty only to lying about her background.

That's not a small insignificant lie considering the circumstances. The FBI was caught napping on this one, and their fumbling at statements to downplay her impact smacks of Keystone Cop antics that hardly convinces anyone. The CIA is at a greater loss since it is responsible for the Baghdad posting. The CIA acted like a bunch of Johnny English blokes, incompetent spooks given the slip by a winsome agent.

And here we have a President who never stops talking about the critical nature of the war on terrorism, and how the enemy seeks to destroy the American way of life; such that security measures must be imposed - even if these trample on citizens rights- for the protection of its citizens. Bwaah ha ha ha ha ha! With protectors such as these, who needs enemies!

Picture this: A tall attractive, intelligent woman walks by and all the men she passes have their pants falling down the floor. That's what happened to these guardians of security, they were caught with their pants down exposing the vulnerability of their "cocky" attitudes. For the quality of this law enforcement performance, I believe I need a puking vessel. A spit would be grossly insufficient.


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