Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Philippine Parliament Paranoia

The explosion at the entrance to the main lobby of the Lower House at 8:15 PM tonight will no doubt give rise to a mouthful of paranoid statements from the members of the House of Talkathieves. Comparisons will be made with the Marcos era techniques used in the 70's and fears of an impending martial law declaration will be raised.

With the Makati blast still being debated in terms of its cause, this recent explosion will certainly run its course as the flavor of the week for broadcasters and journalists alike. Blame will be brought upon the government and the usual suspects (read:Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo). An avalanche of sound bytes from those seeking recognition and their name in the papers will once again be experienced. And oh, sooo many plots and conspiracy theories (most of them plagiarized) will be formulated by the ever imaginative frustrated writers, columnists, paid hacks, and propagandists of all shapes, ideologies and color.

Who will benefit from this blast? Investigations will be forthcoming in "aid of circumvention", and for what? The root will not be reached anyway. We have not solved nor resolved any issue investigated, and closure has never been obtained. I'm sorry for the four fatalities and for those injured; but those that were mangled in Makati were left to fend for themselves after the "newsworthiness" died down.

Elite partisan media, elite government officials, fat cat members of congress, they are all the same.They will benefit because they can sell their papers, air time and would have funds for the investigation, not to mention the bribes for those who need to be quieted down. The circus continues. Politicians will take center stage and spew their hypocritical views. It will be a nauseating prelude to Christmas Eve.

With the political tension in the country (actually, only the politicians are tense, about what we don't know. They stir things up to create crises and attempt to solve this to show that they are good at handling crises),impeachment cases, terrorism, leftists, Muslim rebellion, organized crime and all other psychopaths and plain idiots; anyone could have done it. What am I saying and who am I referring to? Anyone in Congress could have done it.!


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