Saturday, November 3, 2007

Postponing Pregnancies

My eldest daughter is 32, and the only one married out of a brood of eight. More than 24 months have gone by and theres no sign of my first grandchild yet. At first I thought that my daughter and her husband were putting on the breaks until they were well adjusted to each other, but after two Christmasses and two anniversaries, theres no hint of anything made in the horizon.

Back in our time, the wedding ring hadn't warmed up on the finger and yet a noticeable bulge would emerge from the bride's belly. Many were not even married yet and already a baby had been delivered. In this high tech age, i guess the stork has become obsolete.

Kids today don't want to risk until everything is in place, and funds have been appropriated. They don't even want to marry in their 20's and would wait until they reach their third decade. They don't subscribe to the idea of growing with their kids or having certain difficulties they could look back to and laugh. They are not too keen on looking at the items collected over the years and tell the story about what it took to get that item for this or that kid or for the family. They want nothing left to chance, they want certainty!

This may seem positive but it lacks adventure. It may look sound but there's no daring, no excitement! They may get bored pretty soon. Perhaps we had spoiled them too much, or have given them what they needed before asking? We didn't want them to suffer like we did or be frustrated like we were, and over protected them. Maybe our own bravado about risk taking as Baby Boomers was to allow our kids to be safe and it was out of fear that we created all those achievements to pamper them. It was for them, not our own, satisfaction.

So, is all this talk about our generation producing the best risk takers, problem solvers, and managers ever is borne of fear? Man we suck! And it doesn't solve my craving for a grandchild! Hell, I'm willing to make one they could adopt so that we'll have a toddler to enjoy life with. We may have created a generation of safe players who create their own virtual worlds and might be easily bored with this world, and decide to end it! There goes my grandchild. Its a cruel irony that we face, and we only have ourselves to blame.


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