Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oprah's Overtures for Obama

There is tremendous evidence that Oprah Winfrey is a powerful endorser and crowd drawer. If she endorses a book to her viewers, it becomes a best seller. If she enthuses about a film, it becomes a box office hit. If she supports a music CD, it takes off at the billboard charts.

Will her overtures to the voting public for Barack Obama get him to the White House?

Its an event America has to be prepared for. Consider these:

1) With his inexperience, Obama would be hard pressed getting Congressional support. He would then go to Oprah's show to explain his Foreign Policy, Health Care, and Unilateral Peace Initiatives with the warring factions in the Middle East, to get direct endorsements. And Viola! Instant support from the populace! Bills endorsed by Obama will merely be rubber stamped by Congress after Oprah's endorsement, unless they want to lose the next election.

2) Oprah's fans will storm Congress, write letters to their Congressmen, seek media exposure, to follow Oprah's support initiatives for Obama. Daytime talk shows will battle for political issues that get the people involved to obtain competitive ratings.

3) Entertainment and human interest topics will be mined for their political angles and exploited to favor President Obama's programs, all with Oprah's blessings.

4) Oprah will be the most influential power broker behind the Presidency similar to what Rasputin was to Tsar Nicolas of Russia, the only difference is she looks and smells much better.

5) America, the showcase of Democracy, will show the world what "Power emanates from the people" truly means, through the say so of one endorser. This is DemoCrazy!

Larry King spoke prematurely when he said " I've seen everything" after Donda West's surgeon walked out. If the above scenario transpires, Oprah will definitely be Queen and Larry will be rendered inconsequential, and will have to change his last name (King) to Jack or Joker.

Am I saying that Americans are that dumb or stupid? America has not voted yet. Let me put it this way: With George Bush still at the helm and current GOP candidates offered to the electorate being flawed, we already know what the Republicans are incapable of; honesty and truthfulness being the top two. With the Democrats, let's see who will win their party's nomination and why, then we will know if they're dumb. The winner of the 2008 elections will then answer this hypothetical question.

If they were dumb enough to elect George W. Bush, this scenario isn't far fetched. If it does happen, that line in the song "America, America, God shed his grace on thee..." should be changed to "America, America, God shed disgrace on thee..."


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